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[COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance - Sept 14, 2017


  • AdriftAdrift
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    edited September 19, 2017
    Please, extend the paradise island time frame. I couldn't fish due to not be able to log . We should all get some kind reward for putting up with these glitches. Like something to help people who missed the dailies during the downtimes.
  • MeshasMeshas
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    edited September 19, 2017
    Been having same issue's as everyone else, cant log in at all so hope they fix soon.
  • YllmathirYllmathir
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    edited September 19, 2017
    I've experienced this problem too yesterday for the first time.
    I was entering Spire and once my pet reached me on the gate I got a spam message from the system "You cannot use this item".
    When finally spire loaded I was stuck and couldn't do anything. I logged out, tried to relog but once character have been selected from my character list, I got once again this message and couldn't login.
    • Closed game, re-launched and still stuck.
    • Closed game, restarted Windows, re-launched the game and still stuck.
    • Closed game (Ctrl+Alt+Canc), re-launched game and selected another character from the list, and hell "you cannot use this item" again.
    • Again closed and restarted all, selected another character and still seeing "you cannot use this item" again.

    I had to give up.
    Late at night I tried again and magically my char inside spire was able to login, luckily inside the spire.
    I then checked all my chars and I was finally able to login with all of them, but due to being late I couldn't do anything a part rushing in and out spire with all chars and fast roll dice.

    I know many others which have one or more char stucked in this way, and apparently doesn't happen only in crossing. In guild it's the third time that this bug comes out from teleporting in front of spire or entering there. So isn't only a crossing issue, but maybe just related to teleport/zone changing. Could be pet or mount issue? 'cause we had no bugs when mount or pet were out. But as I said could be just a case that bug didn't happened without mounts/pets out.
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    edited September 20, 2017

    It's been four days since my prist is bugged in Sea :c :s :s :s
  • TempestRainTempestRain
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    edited September 20, 2017
    It's been 6 days since my ranger and priest have been locked out, and 3 days since my sin has been locked out.
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