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Mandrako -- Mod Application

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A brief description of why you think you are a right fit for a VFM:

Currently I am a developer of digital games and I work in the same area of study. I love what I do and I'm happy about it, which counts as a positive (happiness) point.
Although it may seem simple, this demonstrates many things about me, such as: Leadership, charisma, creativity and intuitiveness.
I am a person who has always been praised for my good behavior, a completely diplomatic and fully educated person. I've never been able to start a fight or be competitive. My personal and entertainment style is to help people. I've always been honest and I've never been racist or dishonest either.
I am a fully capable person who can cope with complicated situations and even solve any kind of problem. I've had other past jobs as Community Manager and even Moderator Leader overall.
I would also like to add that I am very communicative, one of the best and most remarkable qualities that I possess, as well as my creativity, which expands my limits every day. It can be useful for creating new events or even able to take care of a situation alone.

I'd love to add that I'm a web designer, digital game developer and I have wonderful editing skills. :) :)

What do you hope to achieve and provide for the community as a VFM:

In my opinion I hope to bring a new atmosphere to the forum and to the game, providing better content or even better entertainment for our members and customers. I want to help as many people as possible, make the game more tractive and wonderful. (more than it already is).
I want to provide better content, better ideas and better working atmospheres. I have more ease with Discord, as I will have with the forum as well, since I am already used to it and I have been through many similar areas of work.

Do you have any experience moderating for other communities? If so please explain.

Yes, I've had other experiences as a Community Manager and even as a Team Leader, which means being a leader of the moderation team and responsible for the moderators.
I have remained for years focusing on this area, even remaining as a leader or community manager until the time the game closes for business reasons. Most of the time, the places I worked on were at ELEX, a Chinese digital games and entertainment company, very well-known here in Brazil.

If you have a preference for moderating the forums or Discord.

I'm already famirialized with both, so I do not have a preference, in case they accept me, I give them the permission to be put in both places, or in the forum or even in the Discord only.
I am easily suited to my new workplace and if you teach me with caution and precision, I can learn all the commands and tasks in just a few minutes. For this is my motto: A good conversation always generates a good answer.

There are several ways of interpreting this motto.

Do you speak and write in other languages other than English? If so, please state which languages.

I live in Brazil, for this reason I have a great advantage in being able to speak in English or even in Portuguese. As you can see, I try my best to be able to speak correctly, without the use of slang or even popular phrases.

My languages are: English, Portuguese and even a little Spanish, which gives me enormous advantage, since the highest percentage of the game is concentrated among Brazilians, or other people who speak English or Spanish.

* I'm just writing this topic, I hope I can get constructive and well-crafted answers. Above all, I hope you like me and forgive me any mistakes I may have made. *
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  • AlmanaqueAlmanaque
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    Hello, how are you?

    I loved reading your application and could say clearly that yes, you are the best option to be one of the new moderators. I really was impressed with the text, its dedications and totally passion for the game and for helping others.

    I realized that among the others, you were the only one who wrote clearly, who wrote a text totally without laziness and who presented to all of us that you would be the PERFECT CHOICE to be our new VFM. I do not want to be boring, but I thought it was a little more "willing" for others to write the text, since the other applications were merely tiny.

    Yours is great, congratulations and good luck.

    - Almanaque power is BACK baby.