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[COMPLETE] Unscheduled Maintenance - Sept 28, 2017


  • daenidaeni
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    edited September 29, 2017
    Yeah Bunnies still there and i was able to get the quest, though no dice board...literally. Just Got my September daily log-in back and a restart from the beginning... Nice but it ends tomorrow. I need more Ma'art and Ienos stones like i need a hole in my head. :D I got all but the last writ. No connection fails or freezes, (Again Knock on Wood!) Didn't Take the last two rewards for the Dice event. Not sure it's worth the trouble to send in a support ticket. I'll wait and see what they give out first for any compensation.
  • lycenoirlycenoir
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    edited September 29, 2017
    how to recover the rewards not taken? will they extend the game of dice? will it be possible to play without being disconnected or receive messages "impossible to use this object" when changing channels or teleporting? it would be better to close the servers for 1 or 2 days and to update everything.
  • NProteusNProteus
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    edited September 30, 2017
    I lose dailys rewards... can you fix?
  • dantethedannydantethedanny
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    edited October 1, 2017
    Today i cannot play... were 2 network error in 15 minutes ... like doing dungeons or other things like that.

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