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Astroo-MOD Application

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I’m the right fit because I enjoy communicating with my community and other people even if I may not know them. I’m a fun person and I keep it 100. I’m fun and like to make jokes too. I hope to provide peace and help everyone have fun and to keep smiles on everyone’s faces even though the frustration and hard times. Sadly, I don’t have any experience moderating but I hope this doesn’t decrease my chances of being a mod for my community. I prefer to mod discord rather than the forums. I can speak a bit of French and Spanish.
  1. Would I make a good volunteer discord moderator for Riders of Icarus?17 votes
    1. Yes
       35% (6 votes)
    2. No
       65% (11 votes)


  • GreyciaGreycia
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    @ Mods - if you are going to ban the nasty poster and delete his "tasteless comment" on this thread, perhaps you could also remove his 'no' vote. Or at least add a 'yes' vote of your own to counteract it? It's not like he voted out of anything other than pure spite... :( Cheers!
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