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[WINNERS] Halloween Party Screenshot Contest

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It's time to gather all your friends for a spooky fun-fest. Join us for the Halloween Party Screenshot Contest!

So many creative screenshots!
Alstara from Baellas
Galiana and Cernunno from Teleo
germayne from Baellas
HugoDePaynes from Teleo
lRose from Koroshimo
LucianLeuuven from Velzeroth
LyanWilliam, Caesitas and SilverAkita from Velzeroth
Myssy from Koroshimo
NightAngel91 and SchokoFee from Velzeroth
oOKuzey from Velzeroth
Ravenwulf, letmoonwolf32, and lovebunny31 from Teleo
Riyane, SparrowSVK, Mysiinka, Aisling, and Silmari from Koroshimo
SaberNightShade from Teleo
Seraffina from Koroshimo
SliverFlower from Baellas

Contest Details:

Contest Date:
Start: October 10 (12am PDT)
End: October 30 (11:59pm PDT)
Winners will be announced on October 31

How to participate:
  • Take a screenshot of your character all decked out in your favorite Halloween themed outfits in, or around Victory Plaza, Hakain's Crossing, Carleon Manor, or any spookily themed location. It can be an action shot, selfie, a groupie...no wait, that's not right....a group picture!
  • Be as creative as you like and take your screenshots using emotes, poses, pets, and mounts.
  • Try to get a screenshot that is high quality. Cleaner screenshots can be achieved by shutting off the UI with "Ctrl + /". Turning down your "HDR Volume" and "Motion Blur" settings under "Graphics" can also help!
  • No Photoshop, editing, or filters are allowed. Cropping is okay.
  • Submit your screenshot with your in-game name and your server name to this thread.
  • One entry per user, with a maximum of 4 other friends (so that 5 total participants in one screenshot)
  • 5 winners will be selected by the Icarus Team to win a special prize package! (If you submit a group picture, everyone in the screenshot will win a prize!)

Each winner will recieve:
  • Coiste Bodhar Mount
  • Twilight Coven - Unisex outfit
  • 5 pack Full Growth Potions
  • 50 Elluns

Coiste Bodhar Mount

Twilight Coven - Unisex outfit: Female version (shown with Trickster character selection hair selection #5)

Twilight Coven - Unisex outfit: Male version


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