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Priest Gear/ Talent end game best of the best plz!

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Anyone out there have an end game priest build for healing? Could someone include all Gear rolls, Sealstone +5 legendaries, best of the best, w/e maxes a priest out, please help me!!! Much appreciated to all those who help!



  • KillXIIIKillXIII
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    There isn't much you can do to improve your healing power. Healing skills are bound to max hp of the target and heal %-wise.
    Gearwise you can only get -50% cd to be able to use your skills faster. Int or willpower don't give you better heals.
    I don't remember all talents but there is one that gives your aoe healing 10% more healing power. Read the descriptions to check what the talents do and what skills they improve and how. But as I said you can't do much for better heals.

    About seals I think Graveon and Rodesh are best for now. Idk about the hard to get legendaries.

    Just keep both dot heals on your tank (and melee dds sometimes) and keep an eye on everyone's health bar. With the right party there aren't many problems. You mostly get busy when there's a nooblet that gets oneshot all the time and yells for reses.

    Hope this info helps you a bit :3
  • NeoseptemNeoseptem
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    Healing with Ellora's marks depends on your DPS.
    Same with passive healing with Ellora's marks and Sacred Impact if Rigtheous Authority and/or Divine Power are on the target (enemy as well as ally).
    Otherwise KillXill is correct, there isn't much that you can do otherwise except getting as much cooldown- and casttime reduction as possible. It mainly depends on your playstyle and talents.

    For seals you can either go more deffensive with Overall Attack/Health (Graveon, Tishanan, Runelon) Overall Defense/Health (Sharun), Overall Attack/Overall Defense (Pumpkin Coach) or offensive with Overall Attack/Critdamage (Rodesh, Aidus, Radan) or a mix of both.
    Same with Intelligence/Vitality rolls on gear.

    As for talents either go full Ward + lv35 Rebuke + lv45 Faith for most damage or a mix between Ward and Faith for support. Most priests run both talent sets and switch whenerver they need.