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Incoming priority transmission from: Hibiya

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[Initiating library computer access/retrieval system]
[Accessing primary systems terminal]
[System ready]
[Downloading encryption algorithms]
[Requesting security clearance]
[Inputting security clearance]
[Processing encrypted security key]
[Clearance accepted, decrypting transmission]
[Commencing transmission]

Classified: Level 10 - Primeº
Transmission origin: Utopia Planetia - stardate 93910,23
Transmission arrival: Hakanas - stardate 95378,1

(The following message is classified Prime Nought and will be adapted to local culture and custom.)

Greetings Riders,

My name is Hibiya, some of you may know me from the early CBT days. I'm a proud fake gamer and geeky nerd, probably as a result of taking a wrong left turn through a wormhole near Defera a long time ago in a galaxy very much our own. I don't play much and I'm very much a filthy casual that needs to git gud, but, I do my best to be #TeamPriest. And although I don't live there anymore, I'm still proudly #TeamEU and a Ravenclaw.

Some of you may know me from being a moderator on another Nexon title, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online using the IGN of xochild. I completely fell in love with Icarus during the CBT and I'm very excited to be majorly back in the game after a series of breaks and a lot of lurking on the forums and Discord helping out as a moderator. I consider myself to be a very patient, considerate, and ethical person, and I both value and take pride in my objectivism; I will generally remain objective (unless you ask me if Logicomas are better than Tachikomas).

There is a story behind both IGNs, they're not random, so if curious, feel free to ask. Can't promise they're engaging stories though.

My character on Baellas and her cat, Tachikoma:

  • Ground mount: My Calico Cat Tachikoma
  • Aerial mount: My Songbird Roucool
  • Class: Priest
  • Games: Probably mostly MMOs such as Star Trek Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic, or the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, or the Gran Turismo series, or Sleeping Dogs (Definitive Edition because DLC and bug fixes); actually, Remember Me and Life is Strange(: Before the Storm)
  • Colour: Purple
  • Anime: Bubblegum Crisis (the original), Ghost in the Shell is a close second, (original) Blame!, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Pokémon...even if I haven't played a game since Crystal. If interested, my list of manga and anime on Kitsu
  • Television programme: Off-hand, I'd say Buffy Stargate: Universe
  • Film: I'm not one for films in general and hardly ever go to the cinema, but, maybe Streetcar Named Desire with Vivien Leigh
  • Hobbies: reading
  • Music: I listen to a lot of music from almost every genre except rock, I tend to like anything with a Spanish guitar and especially flamenco
  • Food: Log cake; or any pastry/sweet. I'm a sucker for all of them
  • Tea: Chinese oolong tea called An Xi Ti Kuan Yin I fell in love with when I used to live in Hong Kong; I take my tea extremely seriously
  • Dream destination: The Canary Islands
  • Phrase: [When you're lost, follow the road. Only when you're not lost, can you lose the road.
  • Franchises: Star Wars, Star Trek, Ghost in the Shell
  • Role model: Hermione Granger

Guess that went on a little longer than I anticipated, tl;dr I'm glad to be back and proud to help make Icarus a better game for all Riders!

See you in the skies, Riders!


PS: Here's a video of my cat meowing in case you read all of that: https://plays.tv/s/LSkVMtt8kRTg


  • MinimueckeMinimuecke
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    fear her *meow?!*
    aw how cute! <3
  • SeydaMothSeydaMoth
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    Cutest introduction ever. I also love reading, and I like your list of games that you've played/play. Ghost In A Shell is fantatic, have you seen Yuri Yuri though? hehe. My fav <3 Hope to see you ingame sometime
  • HibiyaHibiya
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    SeydaMoth wrote: »
    Cutest introduction ever.

    Thank you! I was trying to go for super nerdy, but, I'll take it <3
    SeydaMoth wrote: »
    Ghost In A Shell is fantatic, have you seen Yuri Yuri though? hehe. My fav <3

    I'm a massive fan of cyberpunk and especially GitS. I have actually! I was a little mixed on it, I don't normally watch more sports-type anime, but, I liked that it was a bit different. I did wish it was a little deeper or spent more time developing some of the other characters a tiny bit more, and I wish it was a little more accurate to what kind of abuse and issues that couple would have to deal with IRL, but, I did enjoy it! If you have any suggestions, I'm always open to more! ;)