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[COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance - Oct. 26, 2017


  • daenidaeni
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    With the server disconnects and lag issues that you had with the last dice event, why didn't you go back to the old 6 day log-in that we know works. The hour log-in would have been better than fighting trying to stay logged in at all. Granted no dice to find but sometimes smaller things are best. Not all of us will be able to even try and use the mark let alone run it to attempt it.

    Also i agree that the time-limit on the new Halloween dungeon was at best a really not thought through idea. the disconnects don't help and the lag makes it hard to get around fast enough and avoid the monsters that are immune you any normal attacks. in three chest i didn't find one bomb. :/
  • PuffyHuffPuffyHuff
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    We have identified the cause of the disconnections and we are currently working on implementing a fix. We will update everyone soon when more information come in.

    Thank you all for your reports and your continued patience!
  • yvadimyvadim
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    daeni wrote: »
    in three chest i didn't find one bomb. :/

    you just need one, its rechargeable. Also I typically find it in the farthest chest in this dungeon. Also be aware there is huge zombie inside that has no aggro area lighted around it. Though its pretty small.
    Also priest has nice unlimited heal advantage in this dungeon, can defuse all bombs easy =)))
  • BellealBelleal
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    as of tonight i,m experiencing a black screen after choosing world selecting and am unable to get past that, it seems problems are getting more and more instead of less :(
  • KillXIIIKillXIII
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  • MiquelMiquel
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    why are we being dropped when we go in and out of the new dungeon, shades of yesteryear are we going to be disconnected again over and over, thats just annoying to say the least
  • SnugglyWolfSnugglyWolf
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    Every time I enter a solo instance, it tells me "The Event Shop is now Open".

    Pretty sure this is a bug lol
  • axmedaxmed
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    After the update began to disappear from the panel mounts across reboots,skills and banks remain.Why Coiste Bodhar if it can't be sealed? For beauty?
  • NjuangchteNjuangchte
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    Some nice ideas with the new UI visuals and a nice idea with the dice game.
    Also finally some new gliding visuals. Good job there.

    But are you serious with the new skillbar layout????? Too much skillslots cannot be assigned to a hotkey / keycombination --> useless infight while playing f.e. with the actionmode or in the oldfashioned way of MMORPG (the one with assigned hotkeys etc)
    There is a reason why skillbars in MMO's used to have max. 12 slots in one row, not more. It's because regular MMO players use the 1 - ´ (12) keys assigned to the designated skillslot. This is useful and speeds up the fight.
    Also an utter *meeep* skillbar cut .... just why?? Skillslots 1 - 8 in one line and 9-12 up ahead? who wants some..thing like that? Oo
    The cut annoys me and is also confusing infight.
    Barsize is a different matter. i myself would have no problem with the size > IF < i would be able to assign hotkeys to all the slots in the usual way. But i could imagin, that ppl, who aren't playing with hotkeys as i do, will have issues with the barsize.
    I congratz for the idea, but no, not really great.

    Would be more usefull to add another optional extended slotbar with a slotcount of 12 (in my opinion)
    And i would like to have the option to permanently show all skillbar slots, even the empty ones.
  • VarzeusVarzeus
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    I think the worst thing is that Nexon can't do anything about many topics here. It's WeMade's stuff! They created this new/terrible/bad UI and it seems that they love dice events now. Well, WeMade did this. Let's be direct: there's anything that can be done? I guess not.
  • NamidaNamida
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  • ArynRipleyArynRipley
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    And I already see even more players leave with this DCs being in again, cosmetics over fixes and a Raid that only Top-Tier Players can clear.... Nice. Besides, can you please explain WHY the mines drop Karasha mats exactly? Wasn't the request for better access to alasacian(sorry if misspelled) mats?
    Also ... another of those lootboxes? Yeah -not! Strangely it are always the same players offering the good stuff,too.
    GJ, guys! Thought you might have learned from your mistakes but nope. You really know how to get rid of players.

    But really glad we have the haunting event again so I can get Coiste with my Ranger.
  • tachavtachav
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    since no new info came from the staff, anyone knows if the disconnects problem is resolved?
  • VieRus8uVieRus8u
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    Ui aside, can you please fix the disconnects, I gave up playing this morning...will try again tomorrow....hope things get fixed soon so I can enjoy the game.
  • AnelariaAnelaria
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    Hello a tous, Je voit que NEXON a une fois de plus foutu ca merde, Les instances cool, mise a part que c'est du réchauffé,
    l'instance mine de je sais plus quoi --> je c'est pas si c'est volontaire, mais je ne croie pas , nous somme un couple je suis un archer et ma moitié un prêtre, dans cette instance de merde, ma moitié ce choppe les deux débuff vitesse elle est ralenti, moi je me choppe la même chose je ne peu plus bouger du tous et cela pendant au moins 1 minute WTF!! c'est pareil je suis un archer et on me retire mon skill recul dans l'instance je voit pas pourquoi d'ailleurs

    l'instance évent (qui est rien d'autre que le manoir de Caerleon bref
    --> elle est stylé, (même si chez NEXON es pas faire de nouvelle map, ou donjon nan mais les gars sérieusement on en a ras le bol de vos doublon map, comme par exemple Montagne d'hakanas qui est la même que l' Anomie
    sans oublier toutes les instances, a l'entrée tu as toutes les couleurs de l'arc-en-ciel et cela simplement pour avoir la même chose dedans, je ne parle même pas des instances violette bref
    retour dans l'instance
    en rentrant dedans, il fait tous noir (mais qui a éteins la lumière, heureusement qui a un pauvre pnj a l'entrée qui te dit oublie pas la torche cool, tu rentre et la tu doit ouvrir des coffre pour récupéré une bombe ok cool sympas (c'est vrais mise a part le fait que c'est M Caerleon elle est stylé) soucis heuuu sont ou les coffres, et mieux ou est cette foutu BOMBE merde Boom bref sans cette bombe tu ne peu pas tuer le boss c'est magnifique une entrée heuuu que dit-je deux entrée dans le gaz, sans oublier les mobs cédants tu te retrouve mi de life avec 1 mob qui ce sacrifie sur toi pire que des kamikaze ceux la mais vous vous rendez compte MI DE LIGE avec plus de 30k pv et c'est une instance lvl 40 WTF alors comme dit plus haut ma moitié est pretre donc elle ce Heal dedans c'est pas un soucis pour elle mais je suis ARCHER oui oui ARCHER donc on récap archer pas de Heal mise a part le pièges, du coup popo c'est cool merde CD popo pas grave on fait avec on meure super on continue et on re-rentre mince ma torche est morte ouf j'ai pris un coffre j'en ai ue une nikel 2,3,4 coffres toujour pas de BOMBE me reste 2 mn sur le time(oui attention 15 mn pour faire tous le DJ balaise quand même) bon bin instance griller a demain

    Parlons bug maintenant,
    tu rentre dans le terrier brumeux, tu te retrouve a normalement ne plus pouvoir taper avec tes skills, sauf que si tu ne prend pas le mob en ciblage, c'est t fameux skill qui ce lance alors je veut bien moi qui laisse le choix entre mode standard , action verrouiller et ciblage libre, mais faut pas déconner si on ce met en ciblage libre , c'est pas pour devoir ciblé nous même avant de taper dans c cas la mettez le jeu en standard pour tous ou codé un peu mieux. il y en a d'autres des bugs mais si je doit tous enuméré au final c'est une encyclopédie qui faut

    la mise a jours de cette semaine, notament l IU

    allez je vous donnes la réponse
    > LONGTEMP beaucoup trop longtemp

    alors imaginé la frustration quand on voit dans le patch-note que tous l'UI sera reset !! je vous la fait en mode emot :'( >:) :'( :#

    Et c'est pas tous, la on ce retrouve a refaire sa barre de skill, oui oui obliger et la on s'aperçois que wahoooo ils ont rajouter des emplacements <3 B)
    dorection option pour mettre un racourcie sur ces emplacements, mais nan pas de nouveau racourcies >:) ---> heuuu alors ils serves a quoi ceux la

    mais c'est pas tous , les enciens emplacements bin maintenant une partie de ceux la ne fonctionne plus hé hé bin oui je prend mon f5, et la je m'apercoi qui est bien noté f5 sur l'encadré mais quand je tape sur ma touche f5 hé binnnnn ca fait rien merveilleux quoi

    mais c'est pas tous

    petite image pour vous monteé ca mieux


    regarder les skill haut 1 et haut 7

    vous aussi vous voyez Double !!!! ???
    on fait comment du coup ???

    nan mais WTF

    donc encore une question pour les DEV's, heuuu vous chercher quoi ??? a vider les serveurs ??? fermer le ca ira plus vite, et en plus comme a vos habitude vous êtes même pas obliger de prévenir avant on as l'habitude

    bonne game a tous , j'ai pousser mon coup de geule je suis content

    Traduction faite avec Google trad

    Hello to all, I see that NEXON has once again screwed up , The bodies cool, except that it's heated,
    I do not know if it's voluntary, but I do not believe, we're a couple I'm an archer and my half a priest, in this instance of , my half this choppe the two speed debuff it is slow, me I catch the same thing I can not move any more and this for at least 1 minute WTF! it's the same I'm an archer and I withdraw my skill back in the instance I do not see why

    the instance vent (which is nothing but the Caerleon mansion brief
    -> it is stylish, (even if NEXON is not making a new map, or dungeon nan but seriously guys we're fed up with your duplicate map, such as mountain hakana which is the same as the 'Anomie
    without forgetting all the instances, at the entrance you have all the colors of the rainbow and that simply to have the same thing in it, I do not even speak of the instances violet brief
    back in the instance
    coming back in, it's all black (but that turned off the light, thankfully that has a poor pnj at the entrance that tells you forget the cool torch, you come back and you have to open a chest to get a bomb cool ok nice (it's true except that it's M Caerleon she is stylish) worries heuuu are or the chests, and better or is this damn BOMB poop Boom short without this bomb you can not kill the boss c ' is beautiful an entry heuuu that I say two entry into the gas, not to mention the ceding mobs you find yourself half of life with 1 mob which sacrifices on you worse than kamikaze those but you realize MI DE LIGE with more 30k pv and this is an instance lvl 40 WTF so as said above my half is priest so she this Heal in it is not a concern for her but I am ARCHER yes yes ARCHER [/ i ] [/ b] so we do not recap Heal apart from the pitfalls, so popo it's cool CD popo no matter what we do with it Eure super we continue and we return thin my torch is dead ouf I took a chest I've got a nikel 2,3,4 chests always no BOMB me 2 minutes on time (yes attention 15 min to do all the DJ bast anyway) good bible grilling instance tomorrow

    Let's talk bug now,
    you enter the misty burrow, you find yourself normally not able to type with your skills, except that if you do not take the mob targeting, it's the famous skill that launches so I want me to leave the choice between standard mode, lock action and free targeting, but do not mess if it is free targeting, it's not for us to target ourselves before typing in c case the game as standard for all or coded a little better . there are others bugs but if I must all listed in the end it is an encyclopedia that must

    this week's update, especially the IU

    I speak directly to the DEV, do you know in medium how much of time a player has to put his skills in his bar and to set his options in order to optiMize ??
    go I give you the answer

    > LONGTEMP much too long

    so imagined the frustration when we see in the patch-note that all the UI will reset !! I'm doing it in emot mode: '(> :):' (: #

    And it's not all, it is found to redo his skill bar, yes yes, and we realize that wahoooo they have added slots <3 B)
    dorection option to put a shortcut on these sites, but not again racourcies> :) ---> heuuu then they serve what these

    but it's not all, the slot bin slots now a part of those does not work anymore hey hey bin yes i take my f5, and the i see that is well noted f5 on the box but when i tap on my key f5 hey binnnnn it's nothing wonderful what

    but it's not all

    little picture for you went better

    [Img]https://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/456453Barredeskillsdoublon.png [/ img] watch the skill high 1 and high 7 you too see Double !!!! ??? how do we do it ??? nan but WTF so another question for the DEV's, heuuu pick you what ??? to empty the servers ??? closing it will go faster, and more like your usual you do not even have to prevent before we have the habit good game to all, I push my kick I'm happy[/img]
  • ZuNamiZuNami
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    This is a wake up!
    Steam says i`ve played over 5600 hours, 2600 hours, that was about a half year I WAS PATIENT and have awaited the changes and bugfixes ect. the game even in the past needs, the only thing u do was Fail Events (DC`s for weeks)that always was broken, Elloras Cash Shop Updates and a minimum of new content vs. the original. The forum is full of Suggestions and Feedback, and u.. make a thread for what?? U don`t care and listen to us!! Don´t u have learned from similar games like Bless, Revelation Online etc.???? They are all dead!
    Now i´ve decided to play other games, because the expectations about empty servers are soo close.period.
  • BlackPanterraBlackPanterra
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    What did you do with the game ??? firstly the interface is disgusting! in the second, skills are constantly disappearing from the panel ... And where is compensation for October?
  • ShowstoperShowstoper
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    What the heck was this patch supposed to do to the players, not only my complete skill bar was gone, every time i set up the skill bar with my skills, some of them disappear after a charackter change or my familiars from the skill bars... this patch is the worst i experienced in years of gaming differnt games. When are you going to do some?!
  • GeminiBlackroseGeminiBlackrose
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    Halloween stuff sucks . How about let us do the dice quest all day. The haunted house sucks. Say's you can go in 2 times a day but when i try umm says i don't have the correct sh*t to get it so i don't know what's up with that. Do i have to make it thru the first time and kill both bosses to get another ticket to go in the 2nd time. Well whatever hopefully the game makers pull there heads out of there ***** and work on fixing problems that everyone seems to keep bringing up.
  • AlexPAlexP
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    Good evening.
    I will not swear on disconnect. Do not work buttons - yes God be with them. All just great.
    That's just finished me today. The girl sat down to play a little. She does not have that much time for this. She could not see the new dungeons, since immediately after entering the disconnects. "It happens," she said.
    And then decided to put on the island. Run-disconnect-restart the game-remains 2 minutes. And a minute before the end she gets Paradise Boxing. And then gets out of it 100% to the bank HP. From the rarest object of the event, which because of the lags again passes by.
    She did not cry, do not even hope. She was upset.
    Dear highly professional staff of Nexon (one continuous sarcasm) - bombed me.
    And when Santa Claus will ask "Who has behaved well this year?" please honestly lower your eyes and keep silent.
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