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Berserker PvP Tips. Edit*

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Edit*Stat Priority.*

Berserker: Player vs Player.

Currently the Berserker is the top class for PvP and will only ever be challenged for that position by the Magician
which will be released in future content.
Its ability to stack multiple bleeds which completely ignore any defence the opposition may have, on multiple targets
at once is very powerful.
It also has a skill which will give a 10 second invincibility buff which will also heal you 25% of your max health
when it has ran out.

Stat Priority:
Stat priority is very disputable but the main source of your damage in PvP comes from your Physical Critical Damage.
I believe Critical Damage is the main PvP damage stat for all Classes(Correct me here if I am wrong) except berserker!

Berserker deal much higher damage in PvP if you prioritise STR. Almost all the damage you will be doing is coming from
your bleeds(War God talent) which scale off of your overall attack. So the higher your strength is the harder each tick of bleed
will hit.
(This could possibly change with the new Teleo armour set bonus).
I would recommend going for the stats;
PvP Attack %
Physical Critical Damage (This is still your damage for all attacks that aren't bleed)

(Currently still see this as more effective than full STR tree though for the survivability)*
I have seen various Berserker PvP Talent trees and played around with a few myself but the setup I found most
effective is as follows;
Juggernaut ((Strength) Massacre gives 50 rage after the 3rd hit.

Vanguard ((Strength) Increases the attack of *Leaping Slash* and *Mortal Blow* by 50%, Increases attack
by 40% when behind the enemy, *Brutal Charge* gains 30 rage on use.

Powerful ((Strength) For Strength limit break

God of Destruction ((Strength) For Strength limit break

Heavy Blade ((Strength) For Strength limit break

War God ((Dexterity) Gives the skills *Leaping Slash*, *Follow-up Strike*, *Mortal Blow* the bleed
Aura of Doom ((Dexterity) Increases PvP Attack by 20%, Increases move speed the lower you health gets)

Will for Battle ((Dexterity) Increases PvP Defence by 20%, Increases the attack of *Brutal Charge* by 30%,
Gives +30% PvP Resistance buff if you use a charged skill at 50% or below hp)

When duelling you want to build your rage quickly at the beginning and the easiest way to do this is during the
3 second countdown, you should use the skill *Massacre* (3hits) to gain 50 rage and than the skill *Assault Complex*
(1hit) to gain another 30 rage so in total 80 rage. This is plenty to begin a duel with against all classes.
The general combo I use is;

(Customise to suit your playstyle)*
*Leaping Slash* - *Whirling Blade* - (*Follow-up Strike* (This skill is only active upon a critical strike))
all 3 of theses skills apply a bleed which bypasses all defence the opponent may have.
Once I have executed this combo I will use *Warface* to fear them for 5 seconds. (meaning the enemy cannot attack
me or have control of there movement)
After this a *Fury Thrust* to begin the invincibility combo - *Brutal Charge* to close whatever gap is between us
and gain rage than *Blasting Blow* (2hits) to gain your 10 second invincibility. (You must use *Blasting Blow* (2hits)
within 7(?) seconds of *Fury Thrust* for the invincibility buff to activate) From here I use *Mighty Roar* to gain
rage and repeat the bleed combo.

Helpful tips:
-Your *Block* skill has only a 5 second cooldown and will stun the enemy if they hit you while you use it even if
they are in an invincibility state.
-When an enemy sees you use *Fury Thrust* they may try to stun you to cancel your invincibility before you can get
it off. Just remember after *Fury Thrust* you have 7 seconds to use it, it doesn't need to be used straight away.
-Your Bleeds and your Fear are AOE (Area of Effect) they hit multiple targets at once.
-The gems I use are PvP Attack VIII x2 and PvP Defence VIII x2.
-Complex weapons are better than Alsacian but Alsacian armour is better than Complex.