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Haunted Manor

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Ok so it states you can go in twice. How are you able to go in twice? I have only gone in once a day every sense this started. Unless when you die and have to go back in it counts that as twice? What am i missing here? And the fact that some of the chest are not visible unless you go to every room in the Manor. And the fact that there are a billion zombies and traps which i believe is unfair. And that you have to avoid them when lit up and not because they will explode no matter what. I WILL BE GLAD WHEN THIS CRAP IS OVER. I hope if whoever have a thanksgiving or christmas or new years event that it's way better than some of this stuff they are putting out.


  • daenidaeni
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    Sad to say anytime you put a restriction on any event you lose people, me at least. There was no guide, no explanation, and frankly very little thought i felt that went into the planning of this. :/

    How can you get anything worthwhile when you die because of exploding zombies? And how can you complete it when you're rushed to begin with and have serious game lag issues. And before those that want to flame choose to do so, it's not my end that's lagging, freezing etc.
    I have very little problems with any other game i play but this one has serious freezing issues. Have an almost new system :'(

    The next events that you may have planned that follow this format, PLEASE RE-THINK BEFORE YOU INFLICT IT ON US AGAIN! this is not the way to get people to stay or continue when you lose their interests because of the complication factor involved. Yes events need to hold our interests, but not to the extent you lose them in the rush to give them this.
    Everyone needs to be entertained, not just the adrenaline junkies that thrive on this type of crap... :/
  • GeminiBlackroseGeminiBlackrose
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    OMG!!! I sent in a ticket they did not even address my issue. THANKS ALOT! and now go in the haunted manor and of course the other ******* guy shows up in there and my torches STOP WORKING i had a whole **** inventory full of them and no they was not run out and my torch i got at the beginning said it would last 10 min. And when i was done collecting all the chest and killing the reaper.
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    Happened twice on one of my toon. Torch went out and can't use the other from loots. Got haunted done in the dark .