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About Barghain Mine

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Hello Nexon, its me again,

I understand that you add outdated Content and tell us it is new Content because it just has been added.

What I do not understand, why you add outdated Content and reduce the Drops to a Minimum for making it even more outdated?

after 20+ runs (with several alts) i found 1 (one) alsacian Blessing, which is about the only usefull item at the current Level cap.

then there is a Boss called Brutalus, that is supposed to spawn randomly. Since implementation of barghain mine noone in an alliance of 100+ active Players have ever seen this guy.

I understand that you wanted to kill shady warren by keeping the Drops to the most Minimum possible. I understand that you want to kill paradise Island by keeping the Drops to a bare Minimum. What i do not understand is, why would you want to kill barghain mine now right from the beginning?


  • AzymionAzymion
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    I went in once and never went back cause the drops were kinda bad to keep going. I know this is the drops it had but a lot of players have the new Leg gear already and most of us already have exalted gear so no point in crafting it anymore unless for better stats.

    I can understand how it can benefit players struggling with karasha/exalted but not for the max lvl people with the New leg gear.
  • SchlumpfiSchlumpfi
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    habe den Boss auch nur einmal vor mein Schwert bekommen. Das Killen war eine Kleinigkeit und die Dropps sehr gut.
    Jedes mal stürme ich jetzt zu der Mitte der Mine (soweit wie möglich, da man drastische Strafen für das Töten der Arbeiter bekommt) und hoffe, daß er wieder auftaucht. Leider ist das wohl genauso reiner Zufall wie Qual im verruchten Herrenhaus.
    Ich würde mir wünschen, daß ihr die Spawnrate drastisch nach oben setzen würdet.
    Vielleicht könnt ihr ja mal den Vorschlag an die Programmierer weiterleiten. ;)

    Gruß Schlumpfi
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    Same here man. No one in my guild alliance of nearly 80 active players has EVER even SEEN Brutalus. I've been playing for nearly 3 months now. I've done Braghnin mines every day, over 70 times for sure, and I have not even seen him. There is only even ONE PICTURE of him on all of GOOGLE. No videos of him anywhere. Not even a forum post about someoen who has killed him. What is the point of this? give him a 5% spawn rate so theres actually a point to run this dungeon. It is useless otherwise.
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