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Haunted Manor

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just another fail Event?

Why does Reaper drop the same trash over and over again? Why does only Torment drop all the goodies at once, and after that you can turn in his quest and get even more of the goodies?
The only Problem with Torment is that in an alliance with 100+ active Players he is only seen once, every 2 to 3 days. which in turn means that about 99% of the Players will not see him at all.
My wild guess here is, that even in Events like this the drop rate is kept to the bare Minimum... I just seriously wonder what the reason for it would be.


  • YllmathirYllmathir
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    I've been there with 3x Character almost every day and never spotted Torment not even once.
    Dunno why an event boss isn't spawning at decent rate since it's limited time.. Basically until the end of the event I risk to never meet him.. What's the point? Dunno really..
  • daenidaeni
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    Seems like they used Torment as the "Carrot" in this event. By having him spawn so rarely, it tends to be the pole opposite of the actual thing they should want to create. The actual motivation and hope that you just might see him. Most people can see through this ploy, i don't even try to waste time looking since this is timed so shortly.

    They should have made it easier rather than so rare. After running this since the release maybe they should tweak the Algorithm. With all the set-backs these past months they really should have just eliminated the timer as well since the Reapers drops are anti-climatic. I seriously hate having a timer. you spend more time looking at that than finding the chests. Maybe ten minutes was way too short with the De-buff you get added to this as well. Sorry still working on my first cup of Coffee here. Lol

    Their drop rates, I.E RnG all seems to be weighted heavily on the rare/random with just enough show to get us motivated into running their events. Tempting us to play their game. But I'll bet only one or two people per server (if that) get these rarely seen drops. :/
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    good Job moving my Posts every time to a different section where it stays unnoticed. why would you move a post that is about and Event to the dungeon section? please answer this question first.
    then answer me why would you move my post that are meant to be a General discussion in the first place in a meaningless dungeon section?
    you are not moderating a Forum but you are influencing People in a way to not respond to my Posts. you are therefore not moderating but opinion making.

    the dungeon section has nothing to do with an Event.

    i try to be heared by People that really work for nexon and i am very certain that PuffyHuff and the like never even notice a section like this.
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    There is an existing thread of this topic. Please, follow he link to add your comments http://forums.icarus.nexon.net/discussion/22465/haunted-manor
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