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[Quest Bug/Joke] Haunted Mansion Tormenter

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Hi there
sorry to say that but WTF!!!
since this event with the Haunted Mansion and their quests came out (i really liked it)
i have done those every day with 6!!!! Chars = 6x 15 entry = 90 times Tormenter could have been in there....he wasnt even ONCE....so i am asking again WTH???
next time u do such a "Rare" spawn just write it proper like....Hi dear Riders we have a new event but be aware only 2 or 3 people on the server can finish this quest!


  • FarantheaFaranthea
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    Woah thanks! Now I don't feel this unlucky anymore not having seen him with my main character... didn't bother to try with the others and welll needless to say I don't even know how this thing is supposed to look like O.o
  • LagmanLagman
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    I haven't seen him either. TBH haunted is just a waste of time. I wonder if I am going to see him before the event ended. A WASTE of time
  • GreyciaGreycia
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    At least Torment isn't as rare as the second daily Haunted Manor entry pass mentioned in the Event Notes. Nobody's seen that! :/
  • FarantheaFaranthea
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    could anyone who sees torment in the near future add a screenshot to this thread please? :D I just want the myth that he exists to be proven true XDD
  • zzFENRIRzzzzFENRIRzz
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    zzFENRIRzz wrote: »
    Since the dungeon was released i have been playing it, and finally last night (Nov 23) i defeated to Torment. I got good stuff from him
    Exists and is completely easy defeat it