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Need Help Jewelry Crafting Level 4

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edited November 13, 2017 in Crafting and Tempering
I'm trying to get to level 5 in Jewelry and Barter, but its insane.
In Jewelry I cant find Gem Stone "LEVEL 1", I can find 2 thru 6, not no Ruby, Sapphire... Level 1
In Barter I either need Mysterious Stones or make an outrageous amount of Legendary Marks.
Someone mention I could go to Stagea and buy a PVP Igot Receipt, but I went to all the camps and pvp receipt merchants and couldn't fine it.

Does anyone have any other ideas?


  • NeoseptemNeoseptem
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    Don't bother with gems.
    Just use PVP recipes for leveling Jewelry. Recipes can be bought at Freeman Village or Trigg's pub, don't remember since it's been a while.^^°
    Also keep Mysterious Fragments you WILL need them if you plan on crafting Alsas equipment.
  • YllmathirYllmathir
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    In level 4 jewelry are also Gem III / IV.. If u can find one on Market (like lv 3) u should be able to reach level 5 easily.
    I'm stuck at the same point of you didn't knew about the stygea recipe.. gonna give a check maybe will save me lot of time. ;)