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Item honing you must see

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I have an alsacian vambrance with 6 + 4 + 5 % matk. I decided to make a honing on that without lock any of the stats. The result is outstanding :D even the order stood the same xD the 6% stood 6% in 1st place, the 4% stood 4% on the 2nd and the 5% stood 5% on the 3rd... what was the chance for that? :D


  • PuffyHuffPuffyHuff
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    Thank you for the report! I have gathered similar images from other users...I'll be sure to let the team know about this.
  • Ventura85Ventura85
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    Yeah, well... I do understand there is not much they can do about it. As its nothing just bad luck... VEEERY bad luck :D thanks anyway for respond :)
  • TanderTander
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    I had the same result when Honing, exactly the same stats returned. And after spending 880g I got one improved stat.

    While I did appreciate the attempt as stated, to alter this system, the result for me, seems to be just the introduction of a new way to gamble. I will not be taking part in this, especially after the buff ends and the price goes up. There is enough frustration and disappointment without adding more and it’s a poor excuse for real content.

    I get that changes can’t be made to proprietary code without signatures in blood and the selling of the first born but really, is this the best we can hope for?

    A real improvement to honing would be a skill tree that would enable players to choose the stats they wanted, independent of the RNG. The same for Crafting. But this won’t happen, this is not that game.

    For what it’s worth, thanks for trying Puffy