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Special Login Event

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This weekend, Riders from new to veteran will have a chance to acquire rewards throughout their journey in Midellas by logging into Riders of Icarus each day between Nov. 17th and Nov. 21st! Your login attendance will be marked during those five days to determine your reward tier eligibility. The event rewards will be given out on Wednesday, November 22nd! The event is available to Riders of all levels.

Rewards will be distributed to the first character that logs in. So be sure to log in with the correct character for the rewards. To collect your rewards, click on the Ellora’s Storage icon in the bottom right corner of the screen after you have logged into the game. After you open Ellora’s Storage, go to the Cash Inventory Tab. Select the individual items and click the CLAIM button and it will send all the individual items to your character’s inventory. All items are bound to your character once received. If you are already logged during the reward distribution period, log out and log back in with the character you want to have receive the rewards.

Click here for details: >> http://icarus.nexon.net/en/news/article/26661
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