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Another insult to a growing list of injuries.

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Today we all were blessed with another sale for Cyber Monday. They added +15 legendary weapon and armor tempering stones to the pack. :'(
While i agree it is a good idea because frankly getting Alsacian gear to that level is down-right hard not to mention impossible when you see just how high the current stones have to be just to get it to a safe 10. :/

So having these stones would be a great idea...with the exception of how expensive they would become for those that need to buy them for their entire armor and weapons, not to mention the future potential of jewelry added to this as well.

If you buy them for all your armor....a whopping 49,500NX. Add the addition of your weapons as well, 39,600NX. Again we are all forced to face the greater gap with the P2W aspect this game has devolved into.

Seriously....if you want to keep people playing then you must stop dangling this greedy carrot in front of our noses And two, maybe offering the complete set for about 20,000nx would be a better idea than this gross attempt at greed. :(

In case you can't add that's almost 90 US dollars for this... :'( IDK how many of you out there feel this may be just too one sided to those that P2W and must have these new items to get their gear to a minimum of level 15? Instead of gouging us for our spare change here why not sell them as packages and stop trying to milk us dry? You need to stop driving those of us that are average players away by increasing the gap between the have and have nots! :|

Enough already.

Feel free to comment below.
  1. Express what you feel about this issue. Be honest9 votes
    1. Would willingly pay the amount for this new item offered, Just have to have it.
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    2. Would do without, maybe rethink whether this growing gap is worth the frustration to continue play.
       44% (4 votes)
    3. Would do without entirely. but contiue to play hoping things will change for the better.
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  • ClearBlueSkyClearBlueSky
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    edited November 27, 2017
    I think it's capped at 1 per account according to the launcher. IMO, the Blessed Elite Tempering Stones would be much more P2W if it wasn't capped at 1 per account cause then you could +25 all your gear in 5 mins with a credit card.
  • daenidaeni
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    edited November 27, 2017
    Well let me know if it is. Frankly i don't have the cash at this time of year to test it. Not sure if anyone does during the holidays. At the least their timing is questionable, They might make more money if they offered it sooner, and having it be limited by only one per...well that too is a bit short sighted. :/

    I'm sure there are people out there that if they're willing to spend hundreds on boxes for the chance to get that rare to impossible mount, there are people willing to spend money on this too, for the future as well. We will always have to upgrade our gear.

    Frankly this being moved to rants....this was not a rant. it was an actual suggestion about seeing if they could offer this for sale for armor and weapons sets, instead of singles and for a reasonable price as well. :D
  • GeminiBlackroseGeminiBlackrose
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    edited November 29, 2017
    People are out of their minds if they are spending that kind of real money . And to be honest the game makers who ever in the heck are nuts as well. I mean ok if you have the money then fine. But some of us "POOR FOLK" haha can't afford 50.00 - 100.00 dollar's just to spend on a game. Ohhhh and i want to add another thing to this if me myself spend money on something even small like say a shoulder pet or glasses you better just make it permanent because 7, 10, 20, 30 day's that's a waste of money.
  • MaldoniaMaldonia
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    edited December 20, 2017
    though you two might not like it, but that is how f2p-games work... and those stones were available for how long again? Yeah, totally unfair, how can people buy it (hint: I did not, since I wasn't having the spare money to do so)
    If this makes it p2w for you, stay away from f2p titles, buy yourself a game and play that - because you will have to face this stuff in really every single f2p title (and I've played quite a number over the years)
    this post was rightfully moved to rants, as this is all it is