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Returning player looking for Guild | Teleo Server

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I'm a returning player. I quit playing after my friends stopped as well, so I left behind a level 40 Priest and due to this - she has no gear, and literally no DPS. After reaching a certain level, I found myself not really enjoying playing as a Priest, so currently rerolling a Guardian (level 20) and I'm enjoying it to the max.

Returned to the game and my guild had disbanded. The game seems a bit empty, no idea if people left or not, but either way, Riders of Icarus are no fun without a guild or friends to play with.

Any guilds willing to take in a returning player? It has been a while since I played, so I'm trying to relearn everything I once knew.

Lots of loveeee,
Khey (O_O)

Edit: Found a guild. (thanks guys!) :D


  • ShadowDash1089ShadowDash1089
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    Hi Khey,
    Welcome back.
    If you need help or just friends to do stuff with, feel free to reach out.
    My ign is ShadowDash1089
    And if things doesnt work out well with your guild, we will always welcome you, very active alliance.

    Good luck and hope to see you in game :D

    Edit: using discord.