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Known Issues and Updates: November 2017

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Known issues for the month of November 2017:

(NEW)Late or Missing Information: Many have expressed that information and notification come in late or are missing all together. Our team is doing their very best to provide as much information as soon as its made available, however, if any info appears to be missing or needs correcting, we will do so as soon as we can.
(NEW)Manastone Lag: We will be looking into this issue further and possibly collecting data from users if needed.
(NEW)Kahiru/Bruniche Mark Mix Up: It’s being looked into and will be addressed soon.
Invalid State Error: This issue has been reported and it is currently still being investigated. For some, the error was caused by the over-use (spamming) of the ‘F’ key, while others receive the error under different methods.
Continued Disconnections: After the initial disconnection fix, there are some users that are still experiencing this issue. Data is still being collected to pinpoint how this issue is similar, yet somehow differed from its predecessor.

Future Content: Several events and contests are planned for the month of December. Check out the maintenance page for details about the new Dungeon
Dungeon Info >> http://icarus.nexon.net/en/news/article/27045
Fanart Contest >> http://forums.icarus.nexon.net/discussion/22555

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