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[TELEO]Promethean Family is Expanding!

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Hi everyone,

We are happy to welcome players of any levels and of any classes into our alliance.
We are also looking for a 3rd guild to the alliance as Promethean is becoming increasingly active and tight with space.

About Promethean:
Promethean is an alliance that currently consists of two level 5 guilds, nearly filled with members - Blessed and Phoenix Rising.
Promethean was founded by RoI veterans and is home to everyone: new players, returning players and veterans.
We try to help every need, from gear to tames and participate in every aspect as much as we can.
We are providing family atmosphere and so we expect every member to be able to behave accordingly.
We are friendly, chilled, mature and very active - but still a working fellows.
We use discord for communication, casual talks and more.

What we expect from you:
Just to have the slightest of passion for RoI and will to learn new things.
Be respectful to others around you (everyone, not just alliance members).

Lots of good times, friends, loot and laughs are to be expected, so don't hesitate and approach us :)
Contact our beloved leading players:

Blessed Leader:
Ingame: Ilkay
Discord: ObjectableLemon#8512

Blessed Second:
Ingame: XmoonriseX
Discord: Moon#0694

Phoenix Rising Leader:
Ingame: Sorenson
Discord: Sorenson#7214

Phoenix Rising Seconds to contact in game:
Folenn, Mukul


  • ShadowDash1089ShadowDash1089
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    A good place to call home within (and even outside) the borders of RoI :)
  • TacypocTacypoc
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    I have a toon that needs a home - I'll look ya'll up so I can ask questions to see if you actually would want me lol

    ign: Arvya