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I just found out the PERFECT CRAFT+REFINE system!!

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Okay, first of all, i can see a lil bit evolution as you let us choose between the new and old stats after refining and reduced the elluns for those. But I have an idea how to make refining and crafting more predictable and you can even keep your blessed RNG aswell. :)

So about the crafting/enchanting system:
I am playing on my phone with an MMORPG and the system they use is really satisfying, I got the idea from there. On the crafting/evolving/enchanting/etc window there is a "success meter". Lets say the original success of enchanting your weapon is 20%. Each time the craft/evolving/enchanting/etc fails, the success meter goes up 10%. The original chance is not changing, so every time you try it will be always 20% to success, but after 10 try and 10 fail the success meter is on 100% and the 11th try will be 100% success. In this way you don't have to remove the RNG system, but players would know little bit more what to expect, and what they get, and still will need a lot of work to get something, but this way I think is more fair with the lovely riders.

About the refining system:
Okay lets say you have a weapon and you want refine only 1 stat. You get to the refining window. You choose the stat you want to change. But if you do it multiple times in a row, without closing the refining window, one stat will always get crossed. You close the window and it resets and you have to start again. For example: you want to get INTELLIGENCE in your staff, and there are 12 possible stat you can get from refining, such as CRIT DMG or CRIT RATE etc. Every time you reroll in a row, the previous stat will disappear. So lets say you go for INT stat, and you keep rerolling in a row multiple times. Lets say first reroll gives you STR. You dont want it so you reroll again, and STR disappears from the list. Second reroll gives you CONST, you dont want it so again you reroll and CONST will disappear. Lets say each reroll costs +5 or +10 elluns. So for example first reroll is 10 ellun, second is 20, 3rd is 30 and so on. So if somebody wants to make sure, they can reroll in a row like 10 times spending about 500 ellun, but at the end again they can be sure they will get INT sooner or later but 100%.

(The numbers i said are just an example obviously you can change those how is fitting you the best.)

This way people will still work hard and spending lots of elluns+money+hours farming. You can aswell keep the RNG system in this, but as i said before we know little bit more what to expect and smells more fair, instead of crafting/refining/enchanting blind and hoping for a miracle.
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