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Best Solo play class?

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So I'm a solo player. Always have been, always will be. I'm not against playing with people at all, it's just that in Riders I have no one to play with now since most of them quit or have moved onto the more...."current" Mmo's.
My highest toon is a 35 ranger I made last December. I've had tons of fun playing with her but have struggled a little bit in some dungeons or areas my level while running around alone, although that might just be because my gear isn't the greatest. I've been carrying around the hero's stuff and have just now gotten to the frost keep, I got my first piece of that armor yesterday when doing the story. While ranger is my favorite, I have had fun with wizard, assassin and now more recently, the trickster.
I noticed while playing trickster, that certain things were a bit easier to solo than on my ranger, in terms of how fast I was killing things or completing quests. I'm not against playing supports. In fact, that's usually the first thing I go for if there's not an assassin or ranger type class (that I like). Never really cared for priest, just not my kind of support.
I'm just wondering if I should take my ranger to 60 and get her fully geared and continue solo playing with her (I would like to be able to solo most things since I don't have a guild or anyone to play with) or if there's another class that would be better for doing it. Ranger, Trickster, Wizard and Assassin are the only classes I've messed around with so I'd love to hear the opinions of those who main any of them.
Thanks in advance! :D


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    Well, Ranger is good class to run most dungeons solo, but you'll find that you won't be able to survive long in the easiest legendary dungeon unless you invest in better gear. Even with my Alsacian gear leveled to 10 ( It's been extremely hard to find tempering stones that don't fail a lot that can still upgrade it better than at a low chance...This is a hint BTW. And those that are currently higher about 220+ in the AH...well it's not cost effective.) I find running solo in LL L1 hard.

    Waste so many pots and if you don't have premium, well it's much harder. Most heroic dungeons to the Sanctuary are challenging but doable To do pure soloist...well I find both my tanks can do most dungeons to heroic but still struggle with lvl 40 legendary ones which frankly don't seem to be molded to the solo player set which sucks rocks... :D