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WTHeck Nexon?

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So I was waiting for my game daily to reset so I could get that last Writ I needed for Taisha. It was 9:27 on DECEMBER 31ST and my daily had already reset for [Edited by Moderator] January. WTH Nexon. Give me my damn December Writ if yer gonna pull that bs on people who's Daily doesn't reset 'til later in the day on the last day of a Daily. I KNOW that the dailies are only 24 days long, but not everyone can get on EVERY SINGLE DAY to get their daily, and sometimes, people forget. I bloody got SICK and wasn't able to be on to get my dailies.

(Note: I originally posted this on the Steam Forum on the day in question, since I was unable to post here for some reason.)


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    To be honest here, you're not the first to have this happen to. Frankly it's one of many reasons people get PO'd.
    This happened to me a couple months ago when I couldn't log in due to launcher issues for over a week, and I too lost the last writ as well as the pet a couple log-ins before.
    All i can suggest is you send in a ticket but i am still waiting on my issue and have given up. Their customer service....well to be generous here, it lacks. To be a bit more critical they need to learn better people skills. :D