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Adding Israel to the country list (Please)

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The game has been around for two years now.
And the Israeli community really wants to play the game and have been waiting for a long time.
We are very supportive and it is very important to us to play
We're waiting for a long time to play this amazing game.
Will you open it to Israel?
Thank you very much.
Community of Israel


  • Matan526Matan526
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    Shameful, you are not answering your shame.
    The game is running and you do not think to open the game to the community of Israel.
    It's really insulting.
    You are disappointing
  • CreamCream
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    These are the current Regions of Service for the Riders of Icarus community.

    Publishing companies cannot simply provide a game to a country without the authorization of the country in question on any given independent case. I suggest you investigate this rules/guidelines/policies/laws of whichever country you wish to (in this case Israel) before belittling and/or accuse Nexon (in this instance) of not taking actions in regards to this subject.

    Please contact our CSC for further information surrounding this topic, Rider!

    Have a nice day!
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