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Bothering my old server

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Haha, it was so fun! All I was doing was standing in a bush and occassionaly heal a guildie that got close. My sole purpose was just to get the timer on Ranote, that was it. lol But they (Teleo; if this is against the rules to name servers, I apologize...other game I play doesn't like if you even mention a guild even if you are praising them -.-) would spot me and chase me off. One, in particular, chased me all the way to a safe zone and nearly killed me if it wasn't for the fact that I'm a priest and can heal myself and put a bubble on myself when not mounted. I jumped off my Matios, placed the bubble on myself, got back on Matios and kept going. Haha, it was fun! They only managed to kill me once and only because another priest stopped me from moving. D: Bully priest! But that's okay, I did that to one of their guardians. :3

I don't do much in PvP as I'm not fully geared yet so I'm not much help but I do help by rezzing my guildies and server allies. I'm slowly getting the hang of Ranote though!