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Complete guide for Scarlet Harbor (4 bosses)

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1st floor reserved, I will be introducing each boss each floor. Feel free to post comments.

0, Overall informations
I, Introduce to traps
II, Introduce to mobs
III, Introduce to bosses

0, Overall informations
I, Introduce to traps
II, Introduce to mobs
III, Introduce to bosses
All the bosses have “pet", they provide buffs to bosses and can distab attack. It's recommended to kill them early

Bosses in Scarlet Harbor have the same skills as Cloying Wastes World Boss, while their dmg are boosted to "Myth" level

Mage Agrressor Lazart


Lazart has 3 main dps skills. Fire Sphere , Justice Slash and Meteor of Judgement.

Fire Sphere
It deals great damage to player who has the 2nd highest agro to boss. Player can either choose to run away from Lazart or block this skill. This skill won't deal damage if the player is not close to Lazart.

Justice Slash
This skill deals great area damage , and with debuff that lasts long time dealing -% HP dmg. Tank can block this skill.

Meteor of Judgement
Cast time: 3 sec. Duration: 10 sec
This skill summons meteor to random place. Meteor deals dmg and distab the player. This skill of Lazart is hard to dodge. But ranger/assassin can continue attacking bosses even if there is meteor.

When the boss has 60% hp and 10% hp, he will summon "Arcane Fire", which has attack that can push back target(range).

Most parties fail here for the following reasons,
1, Tank get killed when there is meteor and 5-minute-crews.
2, Tank get killed by justice slash
3, Lack of dps and all the mobs respawn, tank fails to agro them. Party get wiped out due to distab skill from elite mobs.

Tips for party,
1, Kill Arcane Fire as fast as possible.
2, Do not attack 5-minute-crew to aggro, they will only go for tank/priest if they are not attacked.
3, Enough dps to kill boss within 10 minutes at most.
4, Ranger/Assassin is necessary if the party want to kill boss fast.
5, Lazart can be stunned, everyone should use stun skills as much as possible

Tips for tank,
1, Bring boss to open area instead of a corner.
2, There is no need to tank this boss all time. Keep distance and spam chain/stun skills, enough attacks to keep agro.
3, There are 2x 5-minute-crew coming later than those behind the boss, tank need to agro them.
4, If the tank can't tank Justice Slash and Safeguard skill has cd at that time, he can just run around the boss. Justice Slash is area damage skill, the boss always use it after "Meteor of Judgement".
More specific, keep distance from boss when he starts to use "Meteor", after, use Binding Smmons (1 s stun) then Excution Warrant (1 s stun). If the boss get stunned further by party, then it's fine. If not, hit the boss and run around, the boss will use Justice Slash to nothing.

Fire Master Hawston


Before starting this boss, be careful of 2x bomb traps near the bridge.

Fire Master Hawston has mainly 2 ways of dealing damage, Improvised and Summon Manastone.

Flask deals great amount of damage to target the most close.

Improvised deals great amount of damage to target who agro the boss the 2nd most.
It can be dodged if you use skills to dodge it, but it's very hard.

Summon Manastone.
Cast time: 3 sec Cool Down: Depends

Manastones have debuff, tank should keep boss away from existing manastones.

There are 3 types of manastone red, blue and green.

Red Manastone grants boss the Fire Pillar skill,
Fire Pillar has knock down effect, but not too much dmg.

Blue Manastone grants boss the Ice Arrow skill,
Ice Arrow appears 1 second after you see it on the ground, stun player for 1 second, also dealing several waves of damage. It's recommended to save immune skills here.
The damage from Ice Arrow can stack, if you step on 2~3 of this kind of trap, you are dead.

Green Manastone grants boss the Iron Pillar skill.
Iron Pillar knock players down, not too much dmg.

Those extra skills have
Cast time: 2 sec Duration: 10 sec

There are also 2xCursed Spirit coming from Soul sphere next to the boss, this kind of monster is a "bomb". One of the party member should take good care of them.

Most party fail here after boss use Ice Arrow. To prevent this,
All party members unsummon their pet while trap skills activated, doing this will reduce the amount of traps.

Enough dps, good priest and reviving scrolls are necessary here.

When the boss has 60% hp and 10% hp, he will summon "Arcane Fire", which has attack that can push back target(range).

Tips for party,
1, All members should have enough defense and HP to survive 1x Ice arrow.
2, It's possible to stop manastone from getting summoned, to do this, all party members should spam distab skills while the boss is casting skill.
3, This boss can be stunned. If the party succeed to stun the boss enough (no manastone summoned or only 1) till 50% hp, they should be careful, boss will cast 3 manastones in a row or more!
4, Disable traps/bombs by using pet as much as possible before fighting boss.
5, Party with wizard can let wizard holding the 2nd most agro, so no one will be killed by Improvised.
6, Wizz/Trickster should not reset the agro of boss.

Tips for tank,
1, Get more HP and Defense.
Mictimon the Bull


This boss is not tough, but he can deal great amount of normal attack damage. Also the only skill Corrupt Fire deals great amount of damage.

Corrupt Fire deals damage to party members within 15m.

There are heliobase going to the center of the map every now and then. Those heliobases once enter the center of the map, will deal full-map 70% hp damage+ know back effect.

The boss get buff that make it hard to kill aroud 70% HP.

When the boss has 60% hp and 10% hp, he will summon "Arcane Fire", which has attack that can push back target(range).

Tips for party,
1, Don't get wiped out
2, If someone revive and run to boss, he will trigger cursed spirit. It's better to explode cursed spirit far away from the 3rd boss.
3, Bleeding deals more damage here.
4, The buff of boss can be removed by using Fire Igniter (barrel) 3x times .

Tips for tank,
1, Get more HP and Defense.

Zenon the Slayer

This boss is the most simple, but it can be the most hard if you don't know how to do it.


Step to defeat Zenon is the following.

1st, Tank pull zenon, block the Rising Truth skill.
2nd, Tank run immediately out of the range of Earth Blow (18m damage range, try stand 20m). Take the boss to the position.
3rd, Tank run to the wall, face the boss and don't move anymore.

Zenon won't use any Earth Blow after. The other players should not agro Zenon, or just run to the position of the tank. Rest is doing damage.
When Zenon has only 30% HP, he will use Last Resistance skill. Zenon get buff and will use Earth Blow immediately if anyone distab him.


1, Practice makes perfect.
2, Tank should get agro all time, or everyone stand together.
3, Let Zenon face wall all time.