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Okay this is getting rather ugh...

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Things that have been happening to me multiple times and it is driving me nuts:
  1. Being disconnected by a pop up that says "Unable to connect to the servers, please try again later."
  2. Trying to log in, only for it to give me said pop-up in the previous bullet point and does this for about 10-15 minutes...
  3. Trying to port somewhere and rather than porting, I am stuck in place and cannot move or do a single thing and I'm able to read what people say but I cannot talk to them
  4. Trying to exit a dungeon, or enter it, and get a screen that says there is an error (I forgot what exactly it says but it isn't a pop up but a screen)

Seriously...this is annoying. Also, sometimes I cannot exit the game normally and need to get the task manager to make it close out, which I feel may make the game grumpy and break and I have to fix the installation eventually, that seems to help a bit but this is getting ridiculous. Also, is there supposed to be a bajillion Nexon Launcher clients open at one time? There should only be a need for one...

This is making me want to take this game and punt it across a football field into the opposite endzone and score a field goal but instead of cheering that I did an amazing field goal, I want to punt it again...-.-


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    The launcher issue where the game won't shut down on it's own,oh yeah happens to me as well. I don't know if I feel any better knowing it is not just happening to me. It seriously needs to be looked at and fixed. It's not our end,but their end it's a launcher issue.

    I mentioned this is my thread in the bug report sub section of the forum and I also mentioned it to the customer support team via a ticket I put in but as with most game companies their cs is lacking. My ticket was a waste of time.
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    Yeah. I did put in a ticket as well and they just listed some solutions. This has been happening for a long time. I was playing back when level 40 was the level cap. I quit shortly after the legendary dungeons came out because I could not progress like everyone else and I got bored. This crap was happening then and it is still happening now. And this was at least a year or so ago too...I really doubt they'll fix it. -.-