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Guilds? Parties?

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I have played quite a lot of MMORPGs and have never had a problem with finding a guild or putting together a quick party for a dungeon but since coming back to Riders of Icarus I have been met with rejection after rejection! Why? Party invites are rejected 90% of the time, the party finder is usually empty if not only recruiting max level players and when I post no one joins.
Am I doing something wrong? I still consider myself a pretty new player since I am only level 33 but I never expected to have such a hard time finding players. :/
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  • SasaanSasaan
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    I have a hard time finding parties for things as well. The only reason I was able get people to run me through dungeons and to soar past everything was because I joined a guild. I have a feeling that it would've been hard for me to join a guild if I wasn't in said guild in another game and they allowed me into the guild on this one...It can be quite frustrating. When I was new new to the game (as this is my second time round, came back after a long hiatus and made a new character on a new server specifically to play in said guild), it was also was hard for me to find groups for the harder dungeons. For the easy dungeons, no problem though. But people aren't running LLC, CM, or ROM as much anymore. I see no parties for these dungeons for the lowbies. I only see high level people take lowbies through these dungeons but never solid parties for it. Just one person, doesn't matter what class, running one lowbie through the dungeon.

    That's how it was with me, one or two people brought me through dungeons such as heroic RoM to get me my Frost set and two people took me through TFK to get me my Frozen set. Or was it the other way around with the armors? I forgot lol.

    I guess it is just something where you need to find nice people to help you through these things.

    By the way, what server are you on? Maybe if you need help and I'm on I can help you? If you are on an NA server but not on my server, we could do the cross server things if you need to go through dungeons. I can solo Legendary LLC and CM if needed, though I only know I can do L1 of these. lol I haven't tried RoM L1 yet.

    I do think the reason you aren't seeing many parties is because many people are at level cap or are doing things with their guildies. Still though, having a hard time getting into a guild really sucks. Guilds help a lot in terms of being able to get help to do things such as dungeons and gearing.
  • LagmanLagman
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    Most people are at max lvl cap with nothing to do , no new content. I logged in just to do spire, elluns dailies, fishing and a quick first boss run for Harbor then either log off or AFK . People are kinda get sick of running lower ds with junk loots that's why it's hard to find party for lower lvl players. The game is empty ATM...
  • StalrixStalrix
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    Thanks for the replies! I play on the EU sever Koroshimo and I think I mainly have a hard time because I play the notoriously squishy assassin so trying to solo on elite/heroic can be a bit of a struggle. It kinda sucks not being able to get into a guild but hopefully, I'll get there, I really appreciate the responses, thank you! :)