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I'm Done. No More Riding For Me.

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I'm quitting this game.
Its just too difficult to get ahead. I am so frustrated that I can't better myself unless I have a bucket load of gold (which I don't)

The game itself is fantastic. The reward system however fails. Far too little for the effort you put in let alone the time factor.

The gear I get from leveling that is provided in the gift packages isn't good enough. I have premium god forbid how much worse it is for those that do not have premium
if I can't rub 2 pennies together.

My biggest moan is not being able to craft gear that can help me beat up these mobs easier so that I don't have to spend every dime I do make on food and pots.

These mobs hit me hard no matter what class I've played I am really struggling.
I have to eat after every damn kill. Do you know just how much slower that makes the leveling process.?

I can't afford to craft,buy or put anything on the AH because of the system that is in this game that doesn't help a new player that has nothing.

They need to better the currency rewards greatly. But I can't see it happening.(I'm speaking from a new player perspective)

If I had to get to max level before I was to reap any rewards and start making gold seriously then that is flawed game design.

I made it to level 40 and its been a battle to continue since 30-35 - I've always been a crafter in any game I played and the fact I just couldn't
afford to do that because of the crappy reward system was like kicking me while I was down.

Its a shame because I would of liked to experience end game but I just can't put myself through the pain of slow grind leveling for rewards that bearly cover the costs of dire wounds.

So long Riders. The journey was hell. LOL



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    What character class were you playing as? The game is quite do-able easily enough if you have the right strategy.
    You can't temper the armor you get from the lvl 5+ chests, making that armor actually weaker. So essentially you should aim for the armor that drops and sells from each dungeon for your character as you go.
    If you need a bit of help with getting your dungeon gear, just ask someone, there's people willing to help all the time. An MMO needs people to work together (Given, story mode is fine as a solo player depending on character class).
    Even if someone new asked me if I could do a few runs with them, no problem at all. Understanding how the game works and how to get your gear and become stronger can become a very important component and be the difference between someone hating the game, and someone loving it.
    The currency builds up over time if you don't buy everything, so you can get what you need, when you need it later on. Make sure you do all the side-quests and some daily missions with that, and you'll find getting gold isn't so hard. Items get more expensive as you level up, but mission rewards also get more generous.

    However, I'm pretty sure this paragraph won't matter to you regardless, as you've made up your mind, but I'm still intrigued on what class you chose, so I can somewhat work out why you were having these feelings.
    Don't get me wrong, there are some agreeable points, but my curiosity can get the better of me.
    (Bit of an old post, but I just saw it, so why not :P)
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