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I use to play about a year ago. I was on the Kalas server now on the Teleos, guess there was a server merge.
Is it worth coming back to play. I see new lvl cap to 60 I am guessing. I ran around for a couple of hours yesterday. I am trying to remember my skills, may take a while to get them correct. I don't even remember what they do.

Is there information on the dungeons that are out. When I was playing there was only the 3 for Karasha gear, then the 3 new legendary for the Exalted gear then I quit playing. I do have most of my set for Exalted gear, and now I see a new set.

Well what I am saying is I am lost. I will get to lvl 60 and then have a look at the dungeons.

As well quest for Daily ellun's quests. Is there a list some where. I did the tower got my 5 is there any in the new land?

Oh, maybe looking for a guild, will wait a week or so just to see if I will keep playing.