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Schedule Maintenance?(March 8th Update)Taming bug

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After the scheduled maintenance I logged in like many others to try and tame few familiars, when the crowd is low. I tried to tamed Mysterious Tishanan and I died right after I mounted. I had the right health but still, I thought maybe I failed. I lost the mark and taming points, and it was failed in an instant. But didn't get unlucky Tamer achievement.
OK so I tried again, guess what? Failed again with full red, even when I was pressing the right buttons.... Gone all my marks.

So I decided to go tame another familiar for which I had fated mark. But guess what? Can't tame........

I'm really sorry but I don't think no one cares to try in solving the problems we are facing......

I didn't take a screenshot for Tishanan as I was upset and thought it was my fault, also had barely enough time to not get killed...

But have a look.....

After so many shout outs.... Nothing......
This will be my last post for a while if I don't see any changes.......


  • PetrovskiPetrovski
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    I had Fated Shakiba Mark fail yesterday (before maintenance) - and also used 7 or 8 regular Shakiba Marks in total before and after getting the Fated Mark - should have given up earlier I guess.
    So this a known issue and not fixed by maintenance today? (should really be posted under bugs then ).
  • NeoseptemNeoseptem
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    I feel you, I swear I have 30% taming boost all the time (20% Ancient set and 10% Premium) and I STILL fail most of the time, even Agnas...

    As for Karasha, you need to lower its HP to ~5% otherwise the taming prompt won't appear. Which is really hard since it takes so much damage. Best go in naked to avoid killing it.
  • LastPassionLastPassion
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    Thank you, I realize my mistake. I dnt thnk I could lower Hp so low without killing it.
    But thanks....
    I am very frustrated, I am going to stop playing for a while.
  • AzymionAzymion
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    If you need hp lowered just try using your lance and a crappy mount to avoid the extra dps dealt.

    As for Tishanan I had the same happen to me but Aidus, full red. And yes I didn't the right button or so I thought. Normally you miss the hit or get the hit wrong. I never had any issues so far with fated marks though, they all worked as intended.
  • CreamCream
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    I will forward the comments related to fated marks, it is not the first time we had that report in forums or Discord.

    *The Karasha topic is as @Neoseptem explained.
    *Tishanan hits hard and attacks sort of fast, also, this is true with any mount; if you get hit while in transition to mount, you will take the damage (even after having mounted the familiar) eg, dying if your health is low or take considerable damage from a beast or mob depending the circumstance. This is a common occurrence. It is why is advisable to have a taming partner for endgame mounts (their damage is great depending on our character set up).