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Cant go to character screen

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idk does anybody les hase this problem but everytime i start up my game and click on my server (koroshimo) i just get an black screen. yes ive tried repair installing yes ive tried geinstalling the whole game and this have this issue, if i click on diffrent server the same issue happens again, can some1 please tell me what i can do about this and if any1 els hase the same problem?


  • ClearSky7ClearSky7
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    When I click on any server, NA or EU, instead of going to character selection, the screen will just go black with the cursor onscreen and sounds in the background. I've tried multiple things to fix it, such as turning firewall off, going into windowed, updating my drivers, playing on the Nexon launcher, verifying, and reinstalling. This started around after the February 27th maintenance. I would hate to have to give up on this game, as I enjoy playing it, but I'm running out of options. Any idea for fixing it is helpful.
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    Hopefully, you are both ok and playing. I am simply following up with the community on certain issues. If you need further assistance please let us know and also if you are able, send a ticket to CSC, Riders!