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Crafting Eternal Eregos Mark

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Hey guys.I have a problem wit the crafting the Eternal Eregos Mark.I collect almost evrything that i need for the making off the mark , but i cant understand 1 thing.I need to find 5x Vengeful Spirit Fragments.On the info at the item is right that i can find this fragments at Styga - Glittering Vault or Styga - Dread Citadel. I farm 4 days at the 2 places more then 2 hours at 1 place i kill tousands off mobs but i didant get 1 fragment ....... Do this is some problem off the game or what do any1 know ?


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    It's not a problem of the game, there are several different ways to get the Fragments!
    First of all only specific boss monsters drop the fragment: Eregos, Atilla, Karon and the "new" world bosses in stygea I believe (Van Deken and Oruun I think)
    you can also get them by trading in 4 Stygea Vouchers for a Familiar Material Box but there can also be a Flame of Contempt (for Karon Mark) in there!
    I HEARD that the Eregos mark can be in the Familiar Mark Box as well in the Voucher Shop but I can't confirm that personally