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Fire the guy who is working on patches!!!!

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edited April 5, 2018 in Rants and Raves
first thing patches/fixes should do thing better and not worse i.e last patch easter event >
before> pet +7 ,explosive shot buggy
after + 4 hours extended maintenance > pet +7 almost impossible to get ,adventure board not there , game guard bug and ofcourse explosive shot still buggy

and i cant remember any patch/fixed which hasnt had 1 single new bug ^^

i am not sure how the management are hiring "qualified" worker but if my worker keep doing stuff worse and worse he has been fired long time ago.

result> players get pissed> quitting

players who are still playing in game still pray it will get better but sofar the result i have seen is a 5- in german grade means almost the worst .

not to mention the payment for nx problem i am still having after 3 weeks.

Time to wake up and do things properly or just shutdown the game i guess i dont see any future if it goes this way


  • danniedannie
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    edited April 5, 2018
    sadly it's been like that since this game went live out of open beta. now idk how they can even hold up their heads if they work on this. i would be more than a little ashamed at the job they seemed to be doing.
  • Dudeman27Dudeman27
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    Agreed, its sad. Its like they WANT everyone to quit the game