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Ending RNG in EU?

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  • GreyciaGreycia
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    We get these headlines all the time, but the only country that seems to have taken any action is Korea. Which is ironic, because the reason we're always given for the rubbish RNG in Eastern MMOs is "Asians love gambling". Maybe that's not true after all... and look who the guilty party is ;) : https://www.pcgamer.com/nexon-has-been-fined-by-the-korean-fair-trade-commission-over-loot-boxes/
  • TanderTander
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    Thanks both, for those links. Very interesting! It’s been obvious for a while that this game has become more and more, a glorified slot machine.

    Maybe companies like these will realize that long term success doesn’t only rely on cynically exploiting some peoples tendency towards gambling addiction.