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[FEEDBACK] Class Balancing

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We would like to request your feedback regarding concerns or suggestions you would like to discuss regarding Class Balancing. We'll open the floor for Riders to discuss on how we can improve balancing moving forward. If you disagree with any of your fellow Riders on their opinions - please do so constructively.

We'll be sure to forward your concerns to our Team!


  • DejanDejan
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    In my opinion, it should change the pvp attack of Berserker. A good enquiped Berserkercould kill with one hit a party except maybe guardians. Also, there special skills undogable, unavoidable while they have the chance could block any skill. Overal, one hit kills are unacceptable in a game, whatever class.
  • Slayer87Slayer87
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    You should definitely nerf ranger chaos burst
  • NikkeehhNikkeehh
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    I have the feeling that Priests are really weak against all classes. Even with almost all alsacian gear +25. I mostly get killed in a few shots (depending on the skills that are used). Also killing someone is really hard. Im mostly dead before i killed someone.

    I do not know if i can post this here, but the new quest where you need to kill 20 people. Thats impossible for me and probably for other priests or lower lvl/geared people.
  • RockyfelerRockyfeler
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    I agree with the ranger chaos burst nerf. Hitting around 70k on a full +25 geared berserker and almost 1 shotting a 140k health priest is just... well without a comment. Priest can kill almost any class in a 1v1 if your skill rotation is on track (might have huge issues with rangers thanks to their overboosted dmg on burst and maybe sins because they are your anticlass).

    What I find stupid however is that while the priest has to be within 20 or 25m to even do some damage, the ranger can just jump around and burst you down from 33m. Either reducing the damage, increasing the cast/ cooldown or changing from how far can this skill get used or applied would already make a step into balancing rangers. Right now fighting a ranger is basically that they kick you in the face for cc, drop a raven, use burst, run away till their cooldowns drop and it goes on till you wont die. (Sorry rangers, I have several friends, but I just hate this class in pvp)
  • ArcheriaArcheria
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    There are quite a few things that I would like to put forth on behalf of my in-game community:

    These are suggested more ways to encourage players to have good pvp experience via the following means:
    a. Balance class skills, specially for rangers and berserker, Chaos Burst would easily chunk down a player(100% hp to 15% or less hp in an instant) or one shot a player. Talent God of War from berserkers is a huge bleed skill, with test, a top geared wizard drops down to 20% or less hp with one bleed hit from a berserker with moderate gears. Berserker fear skills, stun and invincibility may pose some problems(Not as much as the former 2 skills mentioned above.) As one of the members of my community mentioned that a good berserker combo basically stun a player for as much as 5 to 10 seconds, so during this time if any of the bleed came in place it will be a gg in a duel or mass pvp events. (Fear + stun = around 10 to 15 seconds your character does not belong to you xD). Guardians, Executioner's Warrant bleeds a player for as much as 25% to 50% of the opponents hp, which is considered very hard bleed if the opponents are magical classes, for instance priest can do to a guardian, the entirety of the duel will be priest heals from the damage from bleeds while guardian would smack the healing bag to hearts content while the bleed and defense reduction is taking place and doing most of the work.

    b. Make more ways for players to be able to obtain Teleo recipes, and materials or ways to craft these gears. At this very moment, if a player that Teleo gears have an unholy amount of advantage over a player who doesn't have it, and the player who doesn't have the gears may find extremely hard to contest the pvp contents for gears.....(This point is inclusive of a major issue of player base fluctuating as well, however despite of being in an in active server, our community believe players are entitled to have a better experience in pvp). For suggestion, it is highly advisable that if the game could include a daily system which will grant access to Teleo crafting materials as well as recipes , in specific Purgatory shades(jewelry), Faded Souls(weapons), Aura of doom(armors). In a statistical point of view, 2 Purgatory shades are available every 6 hr of game play, which is enough for only 1 person to attempt a Teleo jewelry craft, 5 Aura of dooms are available every 5 hrs for 5 players potentially to each attempt to craft a piece of teleo gear(if they get it, and has a recipe of their class, less than 5% of players would have that luxury :D), potentially 2 faded souls or less every 5 hr from ranote boxes will give the chance to possibly 2 players to attempt to craft their Teleo weapons(if they do have a recipe...), a part from ranote during weekly Badland manastone, a victorious guild would possibly have a shot of getting their participants each a faded soul (which is bound) to attempt for a Teleo weapon craft(if they have a recipe....). Further more to the discussion every 5 hrs at ranote 1 or 2 maybe more( but most of the time less) Teleo recipes may drop from Ranote for players who are lucky enough to finally meet their class recipe and wins the roll over other people. ( in experience of my community, almost 5 or 6 ranotes they have gotten a recipe to drop, maybe more if they missed the boxes). So it will be crucial for players to be able to finally get some sort of pvp experience knowing that they can get pvp progression by some means, and be confident about the gears of theirs will be similar to that of the other players in order to have a feeling equal emotion in their hearts.

    c. Some of my community members also mentioned about an arena system that players can do small group of pvp(win or lose) for some special pvp coins which will lead you to pvp gears, i would agree with. As this system would definitely get players rallied in small parties and be interested in pvp content on the whole or on the individual level is a person wanted to be good in pvp.

    d. Pvp area lag was a part of experience too, almost all the players from my community expressed that if the lags can be lifted by some means it will also help forging a better pvp experience. However, some of the players do not play on high spec computers which is understandable that they have the lag, but my community insisted that if a person owns a minimum requirement computer and play on the lowest graphic settings there should not be any lag for example seeing people running across the map while in a mass brawl in game and your character freely roams in the mean while, or your whole screen freeze for 1 minute etc.

    There could be more feed backs from my community, so this is a starter suggestion for changes(hopefully as soon as possible), more ideas may be added depending on community feed backs.

    Please forward the message around if you agree with these ideas.
  • GiosserGiosser
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    muy buenos dias, me gustaria conocer este juego se ve muy bueno pero la verdad llevo dias intentando encontrar un video en donde se muestre el pvp de un arquero ya que es la clase con la q siempre juego los MMORPG y he visto cantidad de videos de todas las clases menos del arquero, si alguien conoce un linck donde muestren videos de el PVP de arquero de este juego les agradeceria muicho que me lo facilitaran... gracias