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[FEEDBACK] Class Balancing

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We would like to request your feedback regarding concerns or suggestions you would like to discuss regarding Class Balancing. We'll open the floor for Riders to discuss on how we can improve balancing moving forward. If you disagree with any of your fellow Riders on their opinions - please do so constructively.

We'll be sure to forward your concerns to our Team!


  • DejanDejan
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    In my opinion, it should change the pvp attack of Berserker. A good enquiped Berserkercould kill with one hit a party except maybe guardians. Also, there special skills undogable, unavoidable while they have the chance could block any skill. Overal, one hit kills are unacceptable in a game, whatever class.
  • Slayer87Slayer87
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    You should definitely nerf ranger chaos burst
  • NikkeehhNikkeehh
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    I have the feeling that Priests are really weak against all classes. Even with almost all alsacian gear +25. I mostly get killed in a few shots (depending on the skills that are used). Also killing someone is really hard. Im mostly dead before i killed someone.

    I do not know if i can post this here, but the new quest where you need to kill 20 people. Thats impossible for me and probably for other priests or lower lvl/geared people.