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[FEEDBACK] Manastone Battle

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Your first encounter with Manastone Battles will occur as below:

UTC: 1:00 AM (WED/SUN) - 3:00 AM (WED/SUN)
Pacific Daylight Time: 6:00 PM (TUES/SAT) - 8:00 PM (TUES/SAT)
Eastern Daylight Time: 9:00 PM (TUES/SAT) - 11:00 PM (TUES/SAT)
Central European Summer Time: 3:00 AM (WED/SUN) - 5:00 AM (WED/SUN)
Australian Eastern Standard Time: 11:00 AM (WED/SUN) - 1:00 PM (WED/SUN)

UTC: 6:00 PM (TUES/SAT) - 8:00 PM (TUES/SAT)
Pacific Daylight Time: 11:00 AM (TUES/SAT) - 1:00 PM (TUES/SAT)
Eastern Daylight Time: 2:00 PM (TUES/SAT) - 2:00 PM (TUES/SAT)
Central European Summer Time: 8:00 PM (TUES/SAT) - 10:00 PM (TUES/SAT)
Australian Eastern Standard Time: 4:00 AM (WED/SUN) - 6:00 AM (WED/SUN)

Once you have had a chance to try it out, please leave you feedback on this thread along with suggestions on how we can improve the experience for Riders.

Please stay on topic to keep feedback organized!
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