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Bug Hunter Contest Week 1 Submissions!

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Good day Riders, as Summer approaches and the Middelas gets ready for the season, we have encountered a hoard of BUGS across all regions.
Bug Hunting Season is On!
Let's us team up to BURN and help eradicate this infestation from our lands by identifying, record, capture and submit these on RoI forums for an opportunity to earn amazing prices!

Week 1 Submissions:

Week 1 Winners:

Dear Riders, here are the winners of our week1 of the Moderators Bug Hunter event;

ShotYourMom (Teleo)
ShadowDash1089 (Akaldus)
Nikos (Akaldus)
Morellito (Teleo)
Panny86 (Akaldus)



  • ShotYourMomShotYourMom
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    Achievements screen shows no Achievements.

  • RedfeatherRedfeather
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    Server: Baellas
    IGN: Agence

    Bug Type: UI menu bug

    I have moved my quest tracker UI from the right side of the screen to other places.
    I have found that whenever I start up my game I cannot click on any of the quest tracker UI, including the expand option, change page, etc.
    To fix it, I have to go to 'Customzie ui' and then cancel it to be able to interact with the quest tracker UI again. And it needs to be done each new game session.
  • ShadowDash1089ShadowDash1089
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    Region: EU
    Server: Akaldus
    IGN: ShadowDash1089
    Category:Gameplay (refining)
    Location: Casey the item refiner at Hakains Crossing market district.
    Bug: Casey has been bugged as of late.
    When one or more attribute lines are locked (to prevent them from being refined), Casey will require elluns for each line.
    Lately the ellun requirment has not been showing, so despite showing 0 ellun required - refined cannot be done without enough elluns.
    Player will have his elluns secretly taken without notice if he had enough and attempted refine with lock, or wont know how many elluns he needs when he doesnt have enough as shown in the image:

    Physical defense line locked
    0 ellun required
    Player had 6 elluns
    Error message says not enough elluns to refine
  • YarasanteYarasante
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    Region : Europa
    Server : Koroshimo
    IGN : PatrikHazretleri
    Category: Gameplay
    Location : Elders Bastion Dungeon - Wailing Shrine and Brink of Despair

    I am confronted with an intense visual bug in this area. This room in Elders Bastion is very bright and I can not see anything. This is tiring my eyes. Please, correct it. Good work.

  • DejanDejan
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    Region : EU
    Server : Akaldus
    IGN : Panny86
    Category: Gameplay
    Location : Everywere

    Reaper's Gaze does not work properly. Instead of giving magic critical damage, heal or defense (According to skill build) it gives full evasion for some seconds

    1. https://i.imgur.com/S35pXrM.png
    2. https://i.imgur.com/6aTnsau.png
  • StyxxxStyxxx
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    Server: Teleo
    IGN: RoseShadow
    Category: Gameplay
    Bug: CBH Mounted Summoning

    When you are summoned to the Roche Ruins area around/at CBH and you are mounted you will dismount but you will be stuck in the unmounting falling stage. You can't use any skill or move or anything; your continously falling in place.

    Img: To Be Added in Bit
  • NikosNikos
    Riders of Icarus Rep: 300
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    edited May 4
    Region/Server EU/ Akaldus
    IGN: Nikos

    Bug: pledge of power stacks

    Description: mounted pledge of power didn't disappear when dismounting, after activating normal (non mounted) both were present, also it was on 2 stacks once I got on a mount again, and activated it again, resulting in 2 times stronger effect.
    mount used: Matios of Gale (mount's equipment and level: lvl 60 (+5), mecha warhorse skin, lvl 40 Noble Nightmare equipment set
    dismount happened by forced dismounting at Frost Keep's entrance.
    After teleporting out of the area (not during the dungeon, during the dungeon it was there the whole time, only when I went back to Hakanas's Crossing) the additional stack disappeared, fixing itself.
    the picture below is a zoomed in one of my buff bar, where the 2 stacks are clearly visible, it was taken after re-mounting.
    the fact, that my character hit the teleportal before the dismounting happened might have something to do with this. (+5 matios is fast, especially if it's well equipped, and having internet lagg due to wifi doesn't help either.)
    the thing itself happened on the 28th of april, if it has anything to do with it.

    Image: https://imgur.com/gallery/vZ6m12i
  • MegalixerMegalixer
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    Region: EU
    Server: Korishimo
    IGN: (Megalixer)

    Category: UI

    Bug description: Dungeon difficulty menu displays numbers and not the Recommended players text as normal.

    Location: All dungeon menus

    1. https://i.imgur.com/NKLUzyJ.jpg
    2. https://i.imgur.com/S2e4pYw.jpg
  • NikkeehhNikkeehh
    Riders of Icarus Rep: 325
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    edited May 6
    I am not sure if this bug is already reported. I wanted to share it, just to be sure.

    Region /Server: Hakain's Crossing, Raken
    IGN (in-game name): nikehh

    Bug: When travelling to Hakain's crossing with the Transit Shrine Pass, it's sometimes bugged.
    When i click once on the region Hakain's crossing it does not let me choose a shrine to arrive at.
    After clicking on Hakain's crossing on the world map, it sends me to Noble's Gate.
    This happends randomly, also on my alts. Mostly it works just fine.

    i can't really make proof, because after clicking it goes to the loading screen.
  • TristanhaTristanha
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    edited May 6
    Region/Server: NA/ Teleo
    IGN (in-game name): Viibeke
    Category: Gameplay
    Location: Cross-server
    Detail description:
    The cross-server now makes us without a guild and also makes us loose the guild buff.
    When entering in the PVP area or in the cross-server dungeons, it is not possible to talk to the guild anymore, neither see what they area talking in the chat. Also, all the guild buffs are lost, and once we leave the cross-server area, it is not possible to send text to the chat guild and the games shows the message of 'Not part of a guild'. The only way to chat with the guild again is re-longing in the game.


  • EeiieeEeiiee
    Riders of Icarus Rep: 410
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    edited May 6
    When fighting in strega against a boss creature I died and used elluns to rez and then instantly died after which I was rezzed by a priest had health but couldn't move and stayed dead. After dying again I was able to be rezzed properly.
  • MorellitoMorellito
    Riders of Icarus Rep: 1,590
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    Region: NA
    Server: Teleo
    IGN (in-game name): Morellito
    Category: Gameplay
    Location: Dungeon Elder's Bastion (Level: History, Elite, Heroic and Legendary)
    Detail: before the final boss (Duke Elder), between the last mini boss and the Elders's Chamber, its like a invisible wall stop us, and every time we in or we out this chamber, this invisible wall stop us again, and again, and again, it's really annoying that this happens every time we do this dungeon.


  • DatZebraDatZebra
    Riders of Icarus Rep: 1,350
    Posts: 149
    edited May 7
    NA region
    Teleo server
    IGN arros
    category gameplay

    recently - right after the Ikamen outfits went on sale - there was a big crowd at site of Cold Blooded Heretic (in cave at rocheon the Akrat map) waiting for him to spawn - all these white rectangles started cluttering up the screen - this persisted on all 3 channels, both while we were waiting for boss to spawn and all during the battle - many players complained of this there

    i cant seem to get the screenshot to post here from photobucket, but the white rectangles seem to be on place of various players title, name & guild space

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