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Moderator Bug Hunter Event!!!

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Good day Riders, as Summer approaches and the Middelas gets ready for the season, we have encountered a hoard of BUGS across all regions.
Bug Hunting Season is On!
Let's us team up to BURN and help eradicate this infestation from our lands by identifying, record, capture and submit these on RoI forums for an opportunity to earn amazing prices!

Event Details:

Contest Date:
Start: May 4th, 2018
End: May 27th, 2018 (11:59pm PDT)

Event winners will be announced the following Wednesday after each weekly event schedule date! This thread will be available only on the scheduled event days!

How to participate:
  • The Rider must verify that the Bug they’ve encountered in the game has NOT been previously reported.
  • Provide detailed information and attach as much evidence as possible.
  • Event entry must be able to be replicated by the judges.
  • Make sure to title the event entry appropriately and label entry sections well.
  • Utilize the appropriate Bug labeling categories and formats.
  • Bug Hunter report MUST be submitted to the corresponding week's thread!
  • You are only allowed to post 1 bug per week!

Event Schedule:

  • 1st-week - May 4 - 6 (Fri, Sat, Sun)
  • 2nd-week - May 11 - 13 (Fri, Sat, Sun)
  • 3rd-week - May 18- 20 (Fri, Sat, Sun)
  • 4th-week - May 25 - 27 (Fri,Sat, Sun)

Submission Format:

  • Region/Server
  • IGN (in-game name)
  • Detail description (category, location, class etc..)
  • Images, Gif and/or video

Bug Categories:

  • Gameplay
  • Crafting
  • Weapons
  • Combat
  • UI


Every Wednesday following the scheduled event dates, 5 winners will be selected from the Moderator Bug Hunter Event posts on this thread! Winners must follow the formats and criteria detailed above in this post in order to qualify and be selected for event prices!

  • 1st-week - Halcyon Dragon Arcane Outfit, 7 Day
  • 2nd-week - Defense Boost Talisman, 7 Day, General Boost Talisman, 7 Day, Attack Boost Talisman, 7 Day
  • 3rd-week - Blessed Elite Tempering Stones Package
  • 4th-week - Legendary Familiar Soul Crystal Package

The Moderator Bug Hunter Event Rewards will be sent to our Riders within 2-7 business days after the event period ends!

Submissions thread >>> http://forums.icarus.nexon.net/discussion/23060/
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