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Dragagon - Mod Application

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1) A brief description of why you think you are a right fit for a VFM.
I believe I fit as a VFM because I've some experience in past forums in different games with helping out other players on their questions and struggles. I can remain diplomatic when under pressure and have a lot of free time. Usually I wander around on forums or other media simply to learn more about the topics. I am someone that does feel good when helping out players without expecting anything in return because that's what I believe is natural.

2) What do you hope to achieve and provide for the community as a VFM.
What I hope to achieve is to gain more experience as a moderator that may help me in the future workfield in similar projects.
What I hope to provide to the community is a fast replying source of help to new and current/older players that come to the forum and get what they expect for coming here.

3) Do you have any experience moderating for other communities? If so please explain.
I do have unofficial experience in moderating another forum in a game called Allods Online. I am naming it unofficial because I applied several times to be a MOD there but never got in because they never looked for people. Nevertheless I simply continued "moderating" in the ways possible an average player can do. Daily checking up on the forum and discord to socialize with other players and helping out with their questions. Especially many new players. Discussing some ingame features and brainstorming new ideas for the developers.

4) If you have a preference for moderating the forums or Discord.
I'd love to do both! As I am guessing many have, I too have my own discord server where I also experimented with many things and think I am capable of moderating it nicely.

5) Do you speak and write in other languages other than English? If so, please state which languages.
Native language: Dutch (Belgian).
Knowledge of Fench.

Negative about myself;
I want to remain in all honesty that I am fairly new to the game but I do learn very quick, I am eagier to learn much more and loving the game.
My intent is not to waste yours or players' time and for that I believe it's worth a shot.
Thanks for granting me this chance :)
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