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Pet Tempering to +7

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So I bought the Familiar Enhancer + Package II. Thought it would get a pet to +7. I got it to +6 after 14 tries from +5, ok i bought 2 packages Then +7 says 0% chance. Am I missing something or how do you get it to +7 I tried 4 Legendary Familiar Temper Soul Crystal and still 0%.

Help please.



  • RuniRuni
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    its hard as hell...and you need the best ingame legendary familiars to even get a "low".
    The reason is in the original (korean) version there are other familiars (called "legendary+" ) that are needed to get normal or high after +5 tempering. Sadly we got the possibility to make them +7 but not these familiars and they didnt "upped" the rates for the normal ones.
    So we have to wait till they do either of this solutions or fail 50times with "low" chance.
  • NotnerNotner
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    Ok, thnaks.

    I just thought i had to use the item mall so I bought the package in there. So I spent 1100 nx to get to +6 then spent 1100 nx more and it was a 0% chance to go to +7.
    I use to play this game when it first came out then quit for over a year just came back.

    I did see others with +7 seals, how did they get them?

  • ArthanaxaArthanaxa
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    I didn't try it back then, but I saw many +7 familiars/seals when it first came out. As I read, it worked with heroic(?) seals for a week, until the next maintenance.
    Since then it's been this ridiculous way. I won't even try tempering now, it obviously doesn't work. No idea why they sell those packages,...
  • YllmathirYllmathir
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    Do someone knows if in latest updates they fixed it?