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Moderator Bug Hunter Week 3 Submissions!

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Good day Riders, as Summer approaches and the Middelas gets ready for the season, we have encountered a hoard of BUGS across all regions.
Bug Hunting Season is On!
Let's us team up to BURN and help eradicate this infestation from our lands by identifying, record, capture and submit these on RoI forums for an opportunity to earn amazing prices!

Week 3 Submissions:



  • ShadowDash1089ShadowDash1089
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    Region: EU
    Server: Akaldus
    IGN: ShadowDash1089
    Category: Combat
    Location: Any place where you can mount a familiar and attack a target
    Bug: Around 3 months ago, the community as a whole noticed that after one of the maintenances, the mounted skill 'Explosive Shot' wasnt functioning the way it did prior to that, this change was not backed up by any information from devs or community managers and we reported this issue several times.
    Having not announced by now to be part of the game, I assume its a bug.
    Explosive shot was one of the most used attacks during Attaius runs, so everyone were quick to notice that a normal run became twice as long.
    The skill has a 0.5 seconds cast time, it causes AoE damage around the target it hits and bleeds for 50% of the damage.

    This skill used to have between x2 to x3 damage compared to any other crossbow skill like 'Aimed shot'.
    To support my case I will suggest a quick comparison to try in game, and provide some videos of before and after.

    Case 1: Aimed shot has no cast time and will mostly do more damage than explosive shot after the bug.
    this makes explosive shot completely useless.
    according to skill data in-game
    skill effect
    Aimed shot 78 damage
    Explosive shot 2440 damage
    so its very funny to see Aimed shot doing more actual damage, simply find a strong target a hit it several times to test average \ total damage and see that today Aimed shot is superior, which it shouldnt be according to the game data i have provided.

    Case 2:
    Attaius master prior to issue -
    Scenes focus:
    1:13 explosive shot crit for 43,986 damage attaius's arm
    1:00 stats before player fly into combat, 23,006 dps and 3,058 physical crit damage

    Attaius master post issue -
    Scenes focus:
    0:24 explosive shot crit for 33,272 damage attaius's arm.
    0:24 stats as player attack, 39,771 dps and 7,755 physical crit damage

    Same player doubled dps and physical crit damage over 3 months, but now the explosive shot is significally weaker than it used to.

    *Special thanks to SydolinEmuna for both videos.
  • StyxxxStyxxx
    Riders of Icarus Rep: 570
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    edited May 18
    Server: Teleo
    IGN: RoseShadow
    Category: Gameplay
    Bug - Reaper Outfit Effects:
    Every time you put the reaper outfit on, then either take it off or put another outfit on the eyes and shadow effects will remain. These effects last quite a while too not even just a small lag after taking off (5+ min).

  • ShotYourMomShotYourMom
    Riders of Icarus Rep: 300
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    edited May 18
    Server: Teleo
    IGN: ShotYourMom
    Category: Gameplay

    Ever since the ellora sanctuary update we have had submarine-gorillas :)
    The Everbloom gorilla (and I assume all gorilla models) are able to fully submerge underwater (any body of water works) and stay summoned.

  • HirtelenHirtelen
    Riders of Icarus Rep: 875
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    edited May 19
    Server: Akaldus
    IGN: Hirtelen
    Category: UI
    Details: It is not that horrible thing but I cannot see the FPS in 1440x900 resolution. I would be glad if I could see it normally. I just mention it, I don't know if it is my fault or not.
  • EmberEssenceEmberEssence
    Riders of Icarus Rep: 410
    Posts: 2
    edited May 19
    Server: Teleo
    IGN: EmberEssence
    Category: Gameplay

    Bug - Ellora's Storage:

    When purchasing multiple Items from Ellora's shop I cannot collect them all at once or even one by one without getting stuck on the "Transferring to Inventory" window.
    I have to, every time, close out the window and restart the claiming process.
  • AmandinhaAmandinha
    Riders of Icarus Rep: 340
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    edited May 20
    Region: NA
    Server: Teleo
    IGN: Amandinha
    Category: UI
    Location: Any text box. (Chat, market text box,...)

    Detail: When i go to type something and then i delete a character using backspace, or when i press space, a yellow rectangle appears above as shown in the screenshot, this causes me to exit the text box every time. I have to click back in the text box to continue typing. This is too bad and i have to relog every time to solve. This happens often, every day, but it does not aways occur as soon as i enter the game, sometimes the bug appears after some time logged on.

  • FieryLunarXFieryLunarX
    Riders of Icarus Rep: 560
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    edited May 20
    Server: Koroshimo
    IGN: FieryLunarx
    Category: Gameplay
    Detail: Paradise Island

    There is a spot in Paradise Island where it every time says "Fishing is not possible in this region" when you move to fish in that spot. The only way to fish again is to run back to the beach until the fishing mark disappears and then come back towards the water and fish when the mark appears again.
    Riders of Icarus Rep: 640
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    edited May 20
    Region: NA
    Server: Teleo
    IGN (in-game name): Asgerdur
    Category: Gameplay
    Location: Pet Summon
    Detail: when i try to summon a pet with some debuff, and cause of this, that pet dies in battle, when i try to summon another pet, summon the pet with the debuff but already dead, and the picture shows, Thishanan is dead but i cant change to another pet anymore :(, the only solution is relog every time this happens.

  • NikosNikos
    Riders of Icarus Rep: 300
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    edited May 20
    Server: Akaldus
    IGN: Nikos
    Category: Gameplay/Visual (Pet duplication)

    In some cases, when the almighty power of lagg strikes, when we cross teleporters with a pet summoned, we'll leave a pet of that kind on the other side of teleportals (solo instances, like Merumi residence are a prime example where we can see it happen) while we still have our pet with us summoned outside. It doesn't give any benefits whatsoever, but looks weird nontheless.

  • MorellitoMorellito
    Riders of Icarus Rep: 1,590
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    edited May 20
    Region: NA
    Server: Teleo
    IGN (in-game name): Morellito
    Category: Gameplay
    Location: Normal Server and Cross Server
    Detail: this is something special, when characters go to cross servers, theirs lost his own guild, ally, etc. but in that state, i can invite to my guild, and this cause the next problem.
    when they log in normal server are members of the Guild "X", but when they go to cross server are members of the guild "Y", and that cause what i show you in my picture, place 33° in the ellora's spire is occuped 2 times for the same person, so 1 character occuped 2 places, and left another out of the rank.

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