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Familiar Breeding?

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What if the devs were to add a breeding aspect to the game? It would require you to have tamed the familiar at least once and there would be restrictions on the stats (plus some random math) to prevent you from always breeding the perfect familiar (although there could be some boosts in the shop for some elluns.) The familiars would have to be a certain level (probably above 30, if possible) in order to achieve a better percentage of higher stats and there would even be a 'insurance' to prevent a level 40 animal from getting level 15 stats. This idea would help when events come out that give everyone a mark for one familiar and order them to tame it; and even afterward, it would allow those who farm a familiar for the marketplace to be able to sell it while allowing those who are only using the familiar to boost their gear to do so without having to worry about someone killing the familiar before they could tame it. The farmed familiars' stats wouldn't be as extreme a range as the wild familiars, but they would be more steady. Now, I realize we won't be able to control the individual actions of each Rider, but it might help lessen the discomfort of lower level Riders while not removing the challenge from the more experienced Riders.

**Obviously there is room for improvement on the idea, so feel free to voice the changes you would make. Just please be courteous to everyone's alterations and avoid fighting.
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