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combined storage and bank

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could we not have a combined storage for our crafting items at least? yes I know some items are not transferable, those could stay with that charactor, I know you are making the elluns out of us by getting us to pay for extra bank space, and posting it off to each charactor, but I really think combining this is a great idea, they did it in elderscrolls online for example and also putting our gold in one bank that covers all charactors as well, making this a lot easier for players then logging in to post gold off to other charactors etc.


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    The best solution that I've found until now is to split crafting items by characters.
    I personally use one character to store hc marks (not bound), another rarely used to store all kind of mats with low priority (old crafting items / elite marks) and so on.
    But I agree that could be annoying to relog every time you need something on different character. However we usually don't craft each day so it's not sso complicated.

    Anyway, I agree that we should have a shared bank in the account, 'cause in that way we could at least use not bound items available to all characters instead to relog each time.
    Time ago they aslo said something about the chance to have a guild account, but dunno I think the idea has been trashed 'cause nobody heard anything anymore.
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    This post has been forward for review and consideration for storage expansion as the first option until something else is added from the dev's into our game, Riders!

    Edit: I understand is not exactly the same but it will aid those like me as well with storage issues!