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Breakdown of the Rabbini Cup event

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In the past day, i toke a deeper look into the ongoing event, and wanted to write down my opinions on it, and make some suggestions on how to improve, since i didn't found an existing topic like this.
Keep in mind, these are only my opinions, and i look the event from a normal, not maxed out character's perspective. Also my informations might be gappy, so any additional information is welcomed.
(English isn't my native language, so excuse me for the mistakes)
Let's get started!

Booster Trophy
Nothing to add here. It works straightforward, the boost is pretty decent.

Familiar Taming
The idea is great, i think the addition of tamable event-familiars is awesome, because it gives you a chance to tame some realy unique beasts, and the 30 min timer is pretty decent so everyone can have plenty of chances BUT:

The creature's stats aren't suitable for every class, but let's ignore that, since it's more of an awesome "collectors item" to appeal for our inner poke-master.

The familiar spawning on lvl 60 legendary grade greatly reduces the people capable of actualy taming it (unless it uses different taming calculation other than regular legendaries, and scale the difficulty to the tamer's lvl), so anyone lower than lvl 55 can expect to fail 10 times.
The addition of the fated mark for failing is a well welcomed option, but getting that 10 mark is hell of a work (will describe it in detail later).

Familiar Adventure
Great! I was waiting for an option like this, the prize is reasonable, the cd is short enough, BUT:

Decide what you want to do, because the option as it is now isn't realy worth it. You dedicated and entire zone for the event farming, still the chance of getting the actual event currency is only 20% and the rest is just the normal adventure items, which you can get elsewhere.
What does this mean: players who want to farm this zone needs to dedicate 1/3 turns from their rotation for it and don't even get items they realy want (if they're going only for the currency), nor does they get closer to the goal of buying anything from the event merchant.
Either make it so that The Bulwark drops only event items and currency but with lower quantities (like packs of 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30) or make it that ALL zones has 20% (or even lower) chance of earning you Victorious Energy, while still getting the benefits of adventuring where you realy want.

Gathering Affair
Nothing to say here, it's nice to have the option, altho chosing this for the main income of coins is pretty time-consuming

Victorious Fishing
The idea of fishing the currency is nice, the problem lies in the implementation (again).
I have only one question:
WHY only in Stygaea?
I understand that the pvp content isn't realy tempting right now and you want to make the zone more appealing, but there's so much problem with this, i don't even know where to start.
Maybe with the most obvious one: it's a PVP zone, which means players with less respect and sense of fair-play than a rock can literaly walk up to you and slaughter you while (auto-)fishing. This will turn down a lot of players even on max lvl, not to mention how frightening this can be for lower lvl player. This literaly makes the fishing spot turn into a griefing-ground full of (mostly) docile players for the trolls.
A PVE event isn't the place to advertise PVP zones. If you want to leave in this PVP based option, then let all fishing zones have the 15% chance of catching Victorious Energy with lower quantities for example. Othervise this is just another option for the top to get themselves another "i'm the king here" trophy.

Rabbini Outbreak
This is the most decent part of the event, but still have some small flaws:
First of all, it's a "once a day" event, which makes it hard to participate for players from different time-zones. What if they are still working, or already sleeping in that 1 hour?
The next problem isn't realy an event issue, but lies in the population of the game. There's enough player to kill only 1 rabbini, finish their quest, and leave those who were waiting at a different gate, or came just a minute too late without the company to kill the others, and get their rewards.
My suggestion for a solution for both problems is make it so that only 1 rabbini spawns at a time, but they spawn more times a day.

Field and Dungeon Event
Standard event mechanics, additional dungeon drop, nice to have BUT:
Why only on legendary difficulty AND Stygaea bosses?
This option, again, alienates anyone who's not max lvl and geared enough for endgame content.

Make it so that dungeons on heroic difficulty and other world bosses drop currency too, whith quantities reasonable for their lvl.

And last but not least the event merchant
Oh boy, we have a lot to talk about here. The prizes are ridiculously high for some items (especialy for the taming mark), which, again, makes lower lvl players almost impossible to benefit from this event at all.

Let's see what and how a lower lvl player can gather coins, for the Demoroth Mark (because let's face it, that's the main reason most of us would participate):

They can participate in the Rabbini Outbreak:
IF they succeed on finishing the quest, they get 30 coin/day (the event page says you get a 10 pack, not sure, if the boss drops it, or just a mistake in the description), which means one needs 21,33 (so technicaly 22) day for enough coin for 1 mark. Having the event for 1 month, this means one can get only 1 mark out of the Outbreak.

They can gather:
At best, if they get 1 coin EACH time they gather, it takes 640 turns to get enough for 1 mark. It's time-consuming as hell, but can be done with enough dedication, and even have the benefits of lvl-ing up your gathering skill and getting you tons of crafting materials.

They can do familiar adventure:
Considering how the normal adventures work, i assume, the grade of familiar does affect the drop rate, so let's say, they gather with a Garme or an Agnas, being the lowest (max) lvl heroics in-game. If they have the incredible luck to get each and EVERY TIME 30 coins from the adventure, that means they need 22 rounds for 1 mark. That will cost 110 gold, given that 1 turn costs 5 (more information needed, I tested it with calypto on lvl60 character) If they don't use booster, and the cd on the zone is 1,5 hour, they can do 1 turn/4,5 hour, which means they can do roughly 5 rounds a day max (and then they didn't sleep at all), which gets us to 4,4 day/mark.
So on max effectiveness with godlike RNG luck one needs 44 day and 1100 gold for enough coin for the 10 marks. Given that the event lasts only 1 month, it's impossible to pull off. And we didn't even count in the fact of the gold cost, and how to earn it on lower lvl.

And that's all...the rest of the Victorious Energy gathering options are clearly geared towards endgame characters (unless lower lvl ones take the risk and frustration of fishing in pvp zone, or have well-geared friends to run legendaries with AND those friends give up on the coin boxen in their favor)

If things with gathering coins stays like they are now, then the shop prizes needs to be lowered, or a new way of aquiring the items needs to be implemented (for example a chance of dropping the Rabbini Cup Lucky Box from dungeons, the Outbreak, or the other gathering options).

This event in it's current state is appealing only for bored max lvl players with full legendary seals in their over-enchanted legendary gear.
This, in my opinion is a bad marketing move, since the game needs new players to join more, than methods to keep the old ones occupied. But if an outsider sees this event, they won't want to join, since it's clearly impossible for them to participate and benefit from it.


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    I have to agree with pretty much all of what you are saying here. Sadly in my opinion the only ones that will have some good chance in this event are people who is max level and with a good amount of gold in game. The victorious energy item can be obtain on the market broker, still it is a really big amount of gold that a person would have to spend in order to get the 10 marks if they fail 10 times.

    I can tell you as a personal expirience that so far I failed 2 times on that familiar, and this being LV 60 with tame talisman, outfit, charm, taming potion and premium buff... Now I am not saying that taming that thing is imposible since there is already some people that got it, but I doubt that your average player would be able to tame it, specially considering that you need more than 6000 victorious energy to get the fated mark.

    The problem I see in the events during the last year is that they feel really anti new player or even anti average player. I understand that they tried to focus on their max level players and the most loyal ones, but monthly event should be fun and easy to do for anyone. The sad true about this is that most of time people will just see that the amount of effort and time they have to spend is greater than the reward. In fact in some cases some people would not be able to get anything as reward by making such big effort.

    For me is not really a problem to farm those energies from the dungeons and Familiar adventures or even buy some with gold, however I feel is not worth the effort, so I may try at most one or two more times and give up as usual. But for people who doesn't have OP gear and doesn't have too much gold in game or is not max level I can see this event more as nightmare than something fun.

    What I would do in the case of the familiar at least is reduce the needed amount of victorious energies to get the mark or reduce the number of fails needed to get the fated mark.

    Also some advice for Nexon and We Made on future monthly events:
    You should try to not make the monthly events too tedious, grindy or impossible to do, even if you need to nerf the reward. Take the previous month event as example: it was either PK on PVP area or kill 15 things on map with only 3 chanels, 7 or 8 of those things per chanel with relative long respawn and lot of people trying to kill same thing at same time in a competitive way (many times they refused to invite other players to party/raid). And keep in mind that this was only to get an item to exchange for a dice, Imagine someone actually doing it for the mounts and in a more populated server...

    What I am trying to say with all this is that not all players out there are Alsacian +25 or better, not everyone is on the top pvp guilds, not all people play all day, etc. You can still do Content exclusively focused on your veteran players, pvp people, no life players and big spenders without neglecting your low gear, low level or more casual players. Take the whole past month event as example again: You could have left the PVP part of that event as it was, this way strong people that like to pk can have their fun, but the pve part of it doesnt need to be annoying.

    In the case of this month event it is a very similar problem: The people who is really well geared or part of a big guild can enter the legendary caves and get the items with not much problem. Everyone else have to either buy from the strong people or do familiar adventures and spend gold. Problem is that usually people who can't do legendary dungeons will not have hundreds or even thousands of gold to burn in something that most likely will fail.
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    About taming during events.. Why don't you add 3x kind of beasts on each event instead of one? I mean:
    1 - Gold Skin Mount: HP/Def/Atk/Move Speed
    1a - Seal Stats: Overall Attack/HP/Overall Defense/All Stats
    2 - Red Skin Mount: HP/Atk/Crit Dmg/Move Speed
    2a - Seal Stats: Overall Attack/HP/Overall Crit Dmg/All Stats
    3 - Blue Skin Mount: HP/Def/Atk/Crit Dmg
    3a - Seal Stats: Overall Attack/HP/Overall Crit Dmg/All Stats

    In this way we could tame the one we need most or the one which fit better our class.
    You can vary a lot on stats, maybe adding Cooldown or even Armor Penetration..
    Many of the event mounts were not so worth for me and for many other ofc. I think Rampathos was the best one since it's a very particular and fast mount.