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DEV Blog #13 - Relics and the World Raid

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Hello Riders!

We would like to sincerely apologize for providing this DEV Blog a lot later than what was promised. We'd like to discuss more about the Relics and the World Raid. There's been a lot of feedback about it may it be positive or negative as were there changes. We will continue to monitor these feedback and adjust it accordingly over time.

Invasion of the God of Ruin
When we first planned this update, an idea came to mind about relating the relic system and the world raid. Its formal title is supposed to be "Invasion of the God of Ruin" and its first phase was launched with the Reliquary Update. We're excited to include stories, quests, and more events surrounding this invasion thus we have to plan the updates steadily to incorporate them smoothly.

The God of Ruin has plans to invade Midellas but had no idea how strong its defenders were. Brancas and Merciless, the weakest generals wielding the relics of the God of Ruin, were sent to test the heroes capabilities but were eventually bested by the riders and have now access to the relics and use them against a god.

Regarding the Relic System
- We want riders to be able to attain the 4th slot of the current relic in-game.
- When riders finally attain the 4th slot, we want them to be able to get the stats that they want for themselves.
- Once we're on that stage, we'll know that the relic system has effectively placed itself in-game and we can continue improving it.
- In the last phase of the invasion, relics will be definitely needed.

Regarding the World Raid (Invasion of the God of Ruin)
- The world raid will continue to be improved over time.
- Boss grade monsters from the main story will be included in the raids.
- These monsters will attack a different region per day.
- Riders will get powerful equipment and materials from these monsters.

Regarding the Tempering System Revamp
- The revamped system has been successfully developed and is under testing internally.
- We are preparing how to replace the existing system smoothly.
- The developers are doing their best to deliver the new tempering system as soon as possible.

We hope that these have answered at least some of the community's questions surrounding the Relic System and the World Raid. We hope to improve these two systems over the course of time and your feedback will always be appreciated and taken note of.

Thank you,

ICARUS Planning Team


  • YllmathirYllmathir
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    My 2 cents..
    It's good to hear from you guys that you are trying to make improvements, but you don't explain nothing about how will be done.
    The main problem of this game is that it's very demanding in terms of time and in exchange it can give all or nothing. Also if the efforts of two players is the same, results are totally randomized that one of the two can achieve everything and the other can leave for excess of frustration.
    So for what that counts, the only thing you should revamp is the random results on everything.

    Start to think to your game under a player's view and not from you bank account, 'cause your wallet will grown faster if you are able to keep players busy and happy to spend their money in your product.
    But be honest with yourself and think seriously what are you offering and at which price, but also what a player can achieve with that money.
    Many players left (I did it too for few months) 'cause elluns demand is very high unless you are at the top in spire 'cause you need them for:
    1. Tempering
    2. Refining
    3. Honing
    4. Buy Buffs for crafting/tempering/taming
    5. Buy random boxes for skins
    6. Buy baits and auto reel
    7. Buy some dress from Shop
    Since results often sucks, the amount needed is too high and it generate frustration at the point that a player leave the game.
    My personal experience, took me off RoI 'cause I burned around 3200+ elluns on alsacian set and still +20 at best in tempering, stats still 2x in most of the gear with few exceptions, but what really made me "angry" was the tempering on my scepter.. It was stuck at +18 after so many tries, from 220 to 240, from 30% and 50% all failed so badly that drained me a lot of elluns leaving me without: money / elluns / fun / successfull attempts.
    More or less the same thing happened to my Wiz that had luck in crafting a +23 alsacian staff but on the rest i didn't even achieved +20 on the gear leaving me again without success, fun, elluns, money.
    All my efforts in doing all elluns quests (elite included), achieving top 10 in spire and farming like a bull day by day, went simply burned in not even a week of tries.
    Without talking about refining with crap stats and lot of honing with funny results.. (lot of elluns here too for nothing).
    And like me there are many players. BUT think about this scenario, how much money could have spent in elluns if I'd bought them all from the shop? 3k elluns per character is around 300$. For getting WHAT? This is the point where RoI fails, you ask much but in change you can't offer nothing, it's like "I sell you this thing but in order to work just believe in God and pray!".
    So, in your way to lead this game, you ask money for everything:
    • 12$ for Premium
    • 6$ for Fishing Rod
    • 0,90$ for bait + 0,90$ for Auto-Reel
    • 39/49$ for packages
    • 2,50$ for Extra bag 30d
    • random boxes
    • elluns elluns elluns (tons of money)

    You know, this is a lot of money on monthly payment. I spend that amount in Steam games and the fun is 200% more than RoI, so yeah isn't a lot of money per se, it's just not worth to be spent for what we get.
    Why fishing that in many games is part of the core of the game itself, here in RoI is doable with spending money?

    Work on RoI thinking all these things and tell yourself:
    • - "I'd play this game spending 30-50$ per month and having fun?"
    • - "Why my players should give me such amount of money on monhtly basis when they simply can pay 12$ per month on a Pay To Play with every kind of content fully playable without extra charge?"
    • - "I'd play an hazard game based? (is it legal in some countries?)"
    • - "What am I doing for my players in order to let them fully enjoy this game? Do am I asking too much for what am I giving to them?"
    • - "I'd like to pay for a game that after so much time still have bugs everywhere? And at the same time I'd be glad to pay for such experience?"
    I can appreciate that you are thinking to improve RoI, but the time is running faster than you. Could not be a fault of this new team and we know that, but be realist, you spend more time improving shop and such forgetting that is the core of the game that keep your players active and satisfied. Use the time you spend on shop, for fixing and really improve the game.

    I also appreciate the fact that you are trying to change relic system 'cause after have tried it once when I returned in game, it gave me another bad feeling, 3/4 fails, 1 success and 0 needed stats (str for magic class as always).
    RoI seems scripted to give bad results or not wanted stats in order to force players to burn elluns over elluns. Remove this feeling from the game 'cause we play for fun, we pay for HAVING fun, and anything related to "try ur luck!" can be really frustrating without giving any good feeling.
    Also because let's face the truth, if I have to try luck, I'd do it in real life with lottery tickets, at least if I win I earn money. Don't u think?

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    if the devs doesnt want to read the whole post. read this
    Yllmathir wrote: »

    [*] - "Why my players should give me such amount of money on monhtly basis when they simply can pay 12$ per month on a Pay To Play with every kind of content fully playable without extra charge?"

  • AwelynAwelyn
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    Yllmathir.. I agree 100% on everything you have talked about.. I have at one point or another expressed all of this.. probably not in such a polite manner.. I have been banned from forums many times.. not with standing.. you really hit the nail on the head.. I too left this game because of the insane amounts of money needed to be the top dogs in it.. to get the loot to do the content most can't do... I am in no way asking for a hand out.. but lowering prices on ellums.. gold.. making gold something we can get.. like adding it as a drop on the new bosses.. why there isn't gold already is beyond me.. but we have gone from a nice turnout the first couple times to barely 20 people on Baelles now for Merciless.. the other day it took 2 hours to kill Barncas.. luckily he didn't despawn.. but adding gold as a drop will keep the numbers for these events so people don't get bored or discouraged because they cant get anything from spending a hour on something they get zero return on.. the daily reward is a joke too.. lets be honest..

    I have always said the return the loyal players get in this game is minimal at best.. your chances at failing tempering.. analyzing a relic and it breaking.. which happens way way to easily even using ellum to improve your chances of getting a stat or not breaking.. I lost count with how many have broken first try with ellums checked on both... refining and honing are just as bad.. we pay 25 ellums to fail over 50% of the time with a 50% tempering stone trying to get to 25... we waste gold and ellums to roll intelligence 10 times in a row but never once get a stat we need.. or can use.. at times i would settle for phys attack but all i get is magic crit.. int.. willpower.. magic attack.. everything i don't need for my assassin.. same goes for my ranger.. she gets strength.. phys crit.. phys attack.. every time i start to want up my gear, i know it will be a huge waste of time.. but you have to do it.. truly frustrating...

    I know you all need to make money but don't kill the game off because it costs us way too much to play a free to play game.. I still have not even had one chance to roll on a exalted wyvern and I am nearing 200 boxes.. i broke down and bought a few thinking maybe the ones in the dice game had a much lower chance at rolling a wyvern than ones purchased from the shop.. not the case.. idk.. i do like this game.. a lot.. I play it everyday.. I won't be able to do Merciless anymore due to new hours at a new job.. but this isn't just for me that i say these things.. i don't want to see the game die before its time.. although that seems to be the case.. I still can't even fish in paradise island without STILL getting Invalid State.. Fix the game.. fix the server lag.. fix the horrible horrible upgrading system.. give us some new content.. better content.. that is what most players want.. the game to work right.. the rest will just be an added bonus if we can do things in the game the way they are supposed to be done..
  • SerafCZeSerafCZe
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    I played this game for two years (600 hour game time). I've invested a lot of money and time. Still, I'm done. If you do not listen to the game community, it makes no sense paying for it. Yllmathir, he has the 100% truth. We have been alerting you to this problems for a year, and you are still greedy, so we all stopping playing.
  • CreamCream
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    I did forward to the team your post for review, Rider! Thank you for the information as always!