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[SUGGESTIONS] For the future, perhaps

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Here I am again with some suggestions regarding the game mostly on the cosmetic aspect-- I've already suggested some of these in the past, but I'll put them here again:

1) More Costumes variety in-game
The overall appearance options we have for our character's outfit in-game aren't all that varied. I guess some players may not care about this one, but I feel it would be nice to look a bit different from others, to add a bit more uniqueness to what you see around. Why not have a Costume creation contest, or more, in the future?

1.5) Halloween pointy hats (permanent) for male characters
The Twilight Coven outfit for females gives them a witch hat they get to keep forever, why not give the male wizards or wanna-be wizards a chance to at least look like one as well?

2) Costumes from Gear sets
In addition to number 1, a feature to turn gear into costumes (without retaining gear stats) would be an interesting to have. People could use an item (bought for gold/elluns?) to store the appearance of a gear piece/set, and use it to change their look. It seems this kind of feature is always welcome (in at least two other MMOs I play (which I won't name here just in case), they are used quite often).

I suggested these options before:

"-Using a special item on some part of the outfit (chestpiece for example)
-Buying the Gear set's appearance from a new NPC (Gold)
-Buying the Gear set's appearance from the Ellora shop (could be Elluns, or NX...I'd prefer Elluns as it is gear we normally obtain in-game, though)
-Item could be a Drop in dungeons, etc"

3) More mount animations

Idle/Special animations:
I sometimes find the pets/mounts lack a bit in...well, they don't look very lively. Some mounts do have idle animations, but some don't (Tagris, Apocalypse, Pegasus mounts, etc), and I feel it would be nice to breathe a bit more life into them. Either by adding more idle animations, or making it possible to press a key and have the mount play an animation (like the usual "press space to rear" in some games). I realise that some mounts do have special animations (Horses (not flying ones), wolves, well, most ground mounts), however they are only visible by the rider. Making them visible to others would be good too.

I am aware the flying creatures "glide" when you "sprint", but it would be great to see them glide naturally, too.

4) A bit more attention to the Skins for pets/mounts

We still have yet to see skin versions of some of the winning entries of the Skin Design Contest (Qilin, Exalted Wrath Wyvern, etc).

5) Trickster Idle Sounds
An option to disable them somehow would be nice, too. Perhaps not everyone is bothered by them, but most people I've played with don't exactly enjoy the recurring kissing and giggling sounds.

6) More Guild emblems
The guild emblems we currently have don't necessarily reflect the guild's name and so on. Perhaps the guild logo could be designed by players, using presets in-game; Background colour, Sigil + Sigil colour (give a variety of sigil options, could be different creatures, or decorations), and Frame/Border.

I'm not making suggestions on the technical gameplay aspect mostly because I haven't experienced the game fully just yet. I'm told the game is dying, and it does seem like it's lost a good amount of players over the years. The suggestions I made may sound very minor, but no matter how big or small, a step forward is a step forward, and I do feel like these would be nice additions overall.

Thanks for reading!