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EB Story Money Drop NERF?

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edited July 17 in Dungeons
I'm used to do the daily quest for elluns in EB story almost on daily basis, but it's since last patch that I've noticed that money dropped from trash mobs and bosses fell down drastically at the point that Duke Elder now gives 16-28s and trash from 86c to 1s 15c.... (Before was around 2g for Duke and around 1g50s for each boss)
If you notice I also had the "20% Money Drop Buff" active.. What a misery!
Ok it's a story dungeon, but I remember that was really worth to be done before that nerf. In addition, there is no sense that a level 60 dungeon gives almost the same as lv 20-40.
Is this Riders of 1s? Almost every dungeon drop such amount at any level.
It's true I can run e5 for money, but try to think also to those low geared players that can't do that and a little plus for them comes from story once they reach the cap.
Stop turning every dungeon not worth for money. We know we can farm Merumi or lvl50 Legi or Solo Fractura but not every player in your game can do it.
I'm telling this 'cause RoI is short on numbers right now, so don't keep adding reasons for keep leaving. Keep players happy!

It's funny to see that normal enemies in ellora's sanctuary drop almost 2s and enemies into this dungeon drop not even 1s.. That's strange indeed.
Does enemies turn poor at higher levels for some strange reason?
Also because 1s it's almost the same amount of money that we were used to see (and we still) in Lavalight Cave.. Which clearly is the first dungeon we encounter in game.
Fix drop rate thanks!