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Bounty for the Hunter

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Greetings Riders!

Many of you know that there are certain players that have exploited their way into getting attributes for permanent cosmetics or equipment that are not supposed to have specific attributes. Here's your chance to report them and be rewarded!

- Submit a ticket via Customer Support by clicking this link.
- Make sure that the ticket has the following subject where [Abuser's Character Name] is the character name of the player you are reporting:
- BOUNTY FOR THE HUNTER: [Abuser's Character Name]

- The content of the ticket should have the following details to be eligible for a reward:
- Abuser Character Name:
- Abuser Server:
- Exploited Equipment:
- Exploited Attributes (if non-cosmetic):
- Reporter's Character Name:
- Reporter's Server:
- Exploited Equipment Screenshot (must have abuser's character name):

- Remember to fill the REQUIRED details or else you will be ineligible for the reward.
- The reward may only be claimed ONCE per Nexon account.
- If a report made about an equipment or character has already been made, the first reporter will be the only one rewarded. NO DUPLICATES.
- The rewards will be sent at least 2 to 7 working days after the report has been verified.
- False reports are PUNISHABLE and will result in a 3-day ban.
- GMs are able to check if the reported players have had existing exploited equipment at any point in time.

The CM or GMs' decisions are final. The mechanics of this event are subject to change if needed.

- Matini Uniform (30 Days) x1
- Blessed Elite Tempering Stone x1
- Lv. 220 Elite Tempering Stone (5 Pack) x1
- Catnip x10
- Daily Ellun (10 Pack) x5

Matini Uniform (30 Days)


1-Week Ban
- Exploited equipment reset
- Cosmetic will be reset back to the original
- Equipment will be reset back to +0 with random attributes

If you ever find someone using exploited cosmetics or equipment by inspecting them, report them now.



  • LunaMoonStarLunaMoonStar
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    not even sure what exploited cosmetics or equipment is, only thought you can have whats given to you or change attibutes only via things allowed , does this mean, they have been able to get much higher stats or something? and how would we know whats the exploited stuff? also, this giving little rewards to tell on people is not very good, can't you just fix the issue yourselves.
  • SqueaksSqueaks
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    @Cream A 1 week ban isn't going to keep the exploiters from continuing to exploit things, they'll get un-banned after that week and go about their business and keep exploiting more and more. The ban should be longer than a month and/or permanent or else they won't learn any type of lesson for cheating. Nobody likes a cheater, but what's worse than a cheater is when a company basically gives the cheaters a slap on the wrist and says "promise you won't do that again" as if that's gonna solve anything.
  • GrizzlyUKGrizzlyUK
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    Sorry to say I have zero clue as to what to look for in regards to exploited cosmetics and equipment. For all I know I may well have already inspected somone who had some exploited items and I would never have known it!

    Not sure anyone will want to equip a Matini Uniform now either, because if they do they will be the target of all sorts of abuse from those who have been reported and punished! :( Might be better to just remove the Matini Uniform from the rewards and replace it with something else that won't make the player stand out.
  • NeoseptemNeoseptem
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    @LunaMoonStar, @GrizzlyUK
    Basicaly it was possible to cheat the refining/honing system to either get an additional stat on your armor (a fourth random stat on Alsas for example), other stats which normally wouldn't be possible to get on a specific part (like getting m.atck on hat or the like) or being able to give costumes stats even though they didn't come with any in the first place.

    The bug got fixed from what I read on discord and now they are looking for perpetrators. But since it takes too long to check every single player they ask the community for help.
  • LunaMoonStarLunaMoonStar
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    it's a shame people feel the need to cheat anyhow, I am happy if I win at anything, knowing I did it on skill or perhaps only on good luck, lol, but it's still my win, not a cheat win,