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Suggestions & Ideas

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Hellu there - here are some Suggestions Friends & Me thought about.

- Update the Shop Item ''Legendary Emblem Package'' (costs 5 Ellun) so it gives you the Currently used ''Dire Wound Cure'' scroll
- Remove gem drops from stygaea mobs
- Remove Bracelet drops from Spire
- Make it possible to relog in the Familiar Farm without leaving the Familiar farm itself
- Make it possible to use Warp-passses from the Familiar farm and Items such as the ''Recall Carrot''
- Gives us another way to Gain ''Blessed revival scrolls'' via a Daily Quest or a Daily dungeon Achievments
- Make the Item ''Legendary Familiar Seal Token'' Drop in dungeon such as Scarlet Harbor, Elders Bastion, Temple of Sands, with a higher chance since the item is needed at point of the game.
- Fix the Daily World boss quest in Stygaea so the new [Conflict Ranote Stitchskin] Counts for it aswell not just Henok
- Fix Cloying Waste Bosses so they drop their full drop again even with being in a group (current state of this: is once you're in a group and you get loot you usally end up getting 1 Item per box). Would be nice if that gets fixed so its possible to farm Jewelry Sets such as ''Kashim Set for higher crafting chance'' or ''Zenon Set for higher tempering chance''
- Change the Gold amount dropped from lvl 40 legendary dungeon there is almost no point in doing L5 lvl 40 dungeon since the gold amount is like 20g ish? maybe even less same goes for the lvl 60 dungoens.
- Give us a way to Craft Tinctures such as Physical Attack Tincture, Magical Attack Tincture and Max HP Tincture with less Players in the game there are barely any People selling those anymore and not everyone can leave his/her PC on every night just to get some Tinctures or Potions.
- Add a Search Option in the Crafting tabs so you can easily type in what you are looking for and find it instantly instead of scrolling down which makes your game laggy as hell and just takes time to find the thing you are looking for.
- Add a Cross-Server-Shrine To Stygaea and the Familiar farm
- Add the option to teleport to your own Familiar farm through''Beast Trainer'' NPC's in both Stygaea & Exarahn Badlands

That's it sorry if there are any Typos or stuff is mispelled or any of that my english isn't the best
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